Saturday, September 30, 2006

Blogger urges boycott of Springfield radio show's advertisers

The Thinking Things blogger is spearheading a boycott of advertisers whose spots appear on Vincent David Jericho's program on KSGF:

"The host, Vincent David Jericho is his radio moniker, is so full of hate it is scary. He seems to want to stir up hatred and violence in his listeners. I have heard him challenge listeners in ways that encourage them to use physical violence. Worst of all, he says that this brutality is what Jesus would want. Using religion to support hatred and violence is what we say we despise in terrorists, but here's this guy, using the same argument and claiming to be a re-born patriot.

"This man's behavior is appalling.

"The radio station that employs him should also be held responsible for his hateful rants. The best way to get this message across to the folks at KSGF and it's parent company including KTTS radio, is to contact their advertisers. The financial bottom line is what they're paying attention to, and that's the only place complaints can hurt them."


Anonymous said...

The dude is flat scary. I think it's only a matter of time before he has a meltdown and ends up assaulting someone or being assaulted or sued. Meanwhile, he's such an embarrassment to this community and is truly serving no purpose other than to stir violence in the name of God and Country. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

KTTS? It figures.

I finally stopped listening to them last week because they were airing so many hateful political ads; about every 30 minutes or possibly even more often than that.

Anonymous said...

I never listen to KSGF, and I certainly stopped listening to KTTS. I took them out of all the radio memories in the car and truck. Years ago that had a good thing going. Perhaps they will do themselves in with both their stations.

Anonymous said...

Looks like none of these posters ever listen to KSGF. I do. I don't always agree with Vincent David Jericho. Maybe 50-50. But his on air comments are nothing close to as violent as what I read from bloggers who want him off the air. The example you gave here, and Curbstone Critic, are much worse than anything this guy has said on radio.

Anonymous said...

Okay. I went. I listened. And no, I am not one of the previous posters.

Give me a break.

Hastert tried to squelch the Foley thing because he wanted to save the pages from embarrassment? Yeah right. Want to buy some ocean front property in Arizona? Its a real bargain.

In the meantime, the attempt to equate pedophilia/preying on children with cheating on one's wife with another adult continues. Pretty stupid listeners there.

Thanks but no thanks. I have better use for my time than this.