Thursday, September 21, 2006

Springfield TV shakeup: KYTV buys KSPR

Credit fellow blogger and longtime Springfield investigative reporter Ron Davis of Chatter with the scoop that KYTV, Springfield's NBC affiliate, has bought the city's ABC affiliate, KSPR.
Davis beat the Springfield News-Leader by at least an hour in getting the scoop to the public.
No word on how or if the sale will affect former KODE news director Erik Schrader, who serves in that position at KSPR. The station's news staff also included, at least the last time I checked, former KODE anchor Tracy Turner and Lockwood High School graduate Whitney Scott, who received national attention two years ago as a contestant on the ESPN program Dream Job.
This puts Springfield in a situation similar to Joplin. The city's FOX station KSFX and CBS affiliate KOLR are both under the control of Nexstar Broadcasting. In Joplin, of course, KODE and KSNF are both under Nexstar, while KOAM and KFJX are both Saga Communications stations.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Randy, Chatter had it first. But in the News-Leader's defense, they had it before KY3's web site. Think about that for a minute. (Of course, it goes without saying the KSPR's web site doesn't have it. Even now!)

Anonymous said...

Who cares about getting a scoop on such a routine story? Only bloggers and novelists trying to invent drama where none exists.

Randy said...

To the first commenter: Good points. Even on this new medium, I still have a tendency to look more at how newspapers are doing. I should have checked that out.
As for the second commenter, hey, you're the one who came to this website. I didn't force you. Thanks for your loyal readership.