Saturday, September 30, 2006

Foley contributed to Blunt campaign

The Florida Congressman who resigned his seat after ABC News discovered he had sent suggestive e-mails to a teenage male page is one of many Congressmen whom Seventh District Congressman Roy Blunt convinced to contribute to his son Matt's 2004 gubernatorial race.
A search of Missouri Ethics Commission documents show that former Congressman Mark Foley's campaign committee, Friends of Mark Foley, based in Lake Worth, Fla., contributed $1,000 to Matt Blunt's campaign on Aug. 26, 2004.


Nia said...

Vultures of a feather; creep together.

After all...Niaknows that the Republicans are treading in troubled waters.

Anonymous said...

Foley's $1K to MB must have slipped Roy's mind when he was quoted in the Washington Post yesterday that he would have reacted differently if notified of the Foley Affair. One can only assume that Foley wanted to be friendly to younge Matt given his track record.

Anonymous said...

Rumors were alive and well say amny congressional people of both parties that Foley was a lover of little boys. So Roy Blunt didn't know that his son, the boy governor of Missouri, didn't know Foley gave Matt a cool thousand. He was the only governor in the US to receive Foley money. This is all so weird thatall these characters have professed to be above such things and had the moral high ground. They blame everyone ...including Bill Clinton! Such hypocrisy!