Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blogger celebrates birthday

Though those of us who only have one birthday every four years are a bit envious of the ones who have one annually, I have no problem with noting that today is the 18th birthday of Victim of Reality blogger and Diamond High School senior Michelle Nickolaisen.
Michelle was one of the students whose comments during a class discussion when I was teaching at Diamond Middle School inspired Small Town News. She also served as the publicity director for the novel and hopefully, will be doing the same thing for number two when it is published in the near future.
I have no doubt we will hear many great things from her in the future. Happy Birthday, Michelle!


Anonymous said...

I'd hit it.

Michelle said...

aaaand I'd hit you in the face. hard.

thanks Mr. T! :D it was interesting seeing you guys at the bank...what the heck were you listening to?