Thursday, December 10, 2009

Billy Long: Only liberals could come up with a tax bill that actually raises taxes

Seventh District Congressional candidate Billy Long is not impressed with the House vote to extend some of the Bush tax cuts. Long issued the following statement:

“I think Congress should extend all of the Bush tax cuts, not just certain ones. And they certainly should not use a tax cut bill as an excuse to create over $32 billion in long-term tax increases. After accounting for the taxes the bill actually cuts, it still raises taxes by over $1 billion. Only liberals could come up with a tax cut bill that actually raises taxes,” said Billy.

He continued, “These liberals just don’t understand. Government spending is not going to get us out of this economic mess. Spending just aggravates these problems by taking money away from those who have the real power to strengthen our economy, the hard-working people and small businesses who are being forced to fund these irresponsible liberal measures rather than use their own money to stimulate the economy. Free market principles and real tax relief are going to get us out of this mess, not clumsy government action.”


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Billy Long must have taken some magic potion to make him forget the last 10 years of history.

It wasn't liberals who busted the budget, Billy, it was CONSERVATIVES. I can prove it:

When Bill Clinton left office, the budget was balanced as he had been the year before that (the only two years in most of the 20th century when that was true).

But after that liberal Bill Clinton left office Neo-CONSERVATIVE George W. Bush racked up the BIGGEST BUDGET DEFICIT in the history of the Republic?

How? Well, the Bush Tax Cuts took nearly $1 TRILLION out of the government's available funds. Then, the war he started with Iraq, cost another $1 TRILLION to fight (actually more). So that came to $2 trillion which could have eliminated much of the need for a bailout.

Before he left office in Sept, 2008, the entire U.S. economy had melted down -- as a result of Congress's decision to REPEAL the laws that were intended to prevent a depression.

Bush proposed and signed the first Bailout bill. The Obama bailout was passed by Congresss for the same reason.

You can blame it on liberals all you want, Billy, but that doesn't make it the truth. Washington Republicans, the Bush Administration are the biggest hypocrites that had ever lived.

Wise up.