Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A rockabilly break

In the accompanying video, Natural Disaster, with some shaky camerawork, performs the rockabilly classic, "Honey Don't" at the Newtonia Fall Festival in September:


Anonymous said...

Randy, I think an investigation needs to be launched regarding your omission from The Joplin Globe's annual "Favorites of the Four States," which came out in today's paper. In the categories Local Website and Best Blog, the Turner Report wasn't listed.

For Local Website, the Globe claims fourstateshomepage.com, joplinglobe.com, and joplinmo.tumblr.com are the three most popular. I had not even heard of the joplinmo.tumblr.com site!

For Best Blog, the three most popular are Dave Woods: Booze Beat, joplinmo.tumblr.com, and Wally Kennedy.

I think it's a crock that you weren't list under both categories!

Randy said...

Thanks for the kind words. My guess is that my readers have better things to do than vote in a Joplin Globe poll. It is curious though since most of the comments left on the Joplin Globe's blogs appear to come from Joplin Globe bloggers.