Friday, December 18, 2009

Turner Report reaches 10,000 posts

The post a few moments ago on the status conference for former Anderson Guest House owner Robert Dupont was number 10,000 for The Turner Report.

The original Turner Report was a website started in 2000 and never reached an audience of more than a handful. The blog started in October 2003 and initially featured more musings, movie reviews, and was more a less an effort to keep a promise to my students that if I were to going to make them write everyday, then I would do the same.

As the months passed, the blog developed into its current news and commentary mix, emphasizing Missouri politics, southwest Missouri news, coverage of state and federal courts, media news, and investigative reporting. Over the years, I began adding photos and eventually videos.

During the first year or so, the site averaged 35 unique viewers a day. It now has between 800 and 1,200 a day and has had as many as 5,000. With more than two weeks to go in 2009, The Turner Report long since surpassed its 2008 readership total.

Thanks again to all of you who have kept coming back to The Turner Report. Your support is much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

You can thank Pete Newman for much of your popularity as of September.

Randy said...

That has probably added about 200 visitors a day. But it should be noted, The Turner Reprot was the first media source to mention the charges that had been brought against Newman and has stayed on top of the story ever since.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you for providing the info and for being a place where folks can come to learn a bit about the story...keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Here is another big one, Randy. The Kansas City paper reports that the president of the KC Medical School has just been fired. No explanation. Was she fired because of the MSSU plans? What happens to our plans for a medical school now?

Unknown said...

I have been reading about that. Looking up her record, she has an incredible number of traffic citations, including several for having defective equipment. Either she doesn't take very good care of her car, or we are looking at someone who has been able to plea down some bigger charages.

Anonymous said...

DUI?... It's got to be something big. Bigger than that. Looks like she was doing a good job at the school. Maybe state politics will not allow a medical school in Joplin and they got her for that