Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tim Jones: We're coming after teacher tenure

It is another four months before the 2013 legislative session begins, but newly-minted Speaker of the House Tim Jones made it evident during the House Republican news conference that public education will once again be under attack, especially teachers.

Teacher tenure will once again be addressed, Jones said, as will evaluating teachers. As usual, Jones is echoing the ALEC line that all of America's educational woes can be attributed to bad teachers.

Jones' comments on education can be found near the end of this video.

Among those- Jones says he will emulate the reform packages pushed by Chris Christie in New Jersey and Bobby Jindal in Louisiana.

As usual, all of Jones' comments are about teachers, with none about addressing the poverty that is a major problem in the schools that have been having the biggest problems.


Anonymous said...

So why don't you want to be evaluated exactly?

Randy said...

I am evaluated every year. That continues to take place even after teachers earn tenure. I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with are having a large portion of my evaluation based on poorly-worded tests, which should only be a small part of how education is assessed.

Anonymous said...

I posted the other comment. Just wanted to say thank you for answering and I respect your opinion.