Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Joplin NEA endorses Kimbrough for vacant school board position

Joplin NEA has announced its endorsement of Jim Kimbrough for the school board seat left vacant when former Joplin police chief Lane Roberts resigned after being elected April 7.

Kimbrough and eight other candidates are scheduled to be an interviewed during a 7 p.m. Board of Education meeting today at the Administration Building at 32nd and Duquesne.

In a letter to the Board of Education, JNEA President Crystal Stokes wrote the following:

Please consider this letter an endorsement of Mr. Jim Kimbrough for the one-year position on the Joplin Schools Board of Education. Mr. Kimbrough has maintained a connection in the Joplin community for over 40 years. His dedication to the school district is strong. Mr. Kimbrough has been an advocate for education for our community and a strong supporter of students and teachers. On behalf of the Joplin National Education Association's local chapter, please consider our endorsement of Mr. Jim Kimbrough for the one-year position. Thank you.

Kimbrough, after serving three terms on the board, did not seek re-election in April.


Anonymous said...

i have a interview for the open board seat,but i half to be truthful for all the years of teaching in joplin schools,and for his time on the school board that surely has been hard beacuse of the unmoral actions of other board members,i half to say mr kimbrough is the man for the open seat,
david guilford

Anonymous said...

Joplin NEA endorsement?...kiss of death

Anonymous said...

You are a good man, David Guilford. You & Mr. Kimbrough are men of good character...the kind of men I hope my son models after, & looks up to. Keep doing the "right" thing...people are noticing, & recognizing your goodness.

Anonymous said...

Look, I think Jim Kimbrough is a good guy, too. But he was a member of the board when CJ Huff first came into power. Kimbrough could have squashed things and prevented a lot of the destruction that Huff caused, but he didn't. What has changed? It should have been painfully obvious from the get-go that Huff was going to do all of this, and he seized the tornado as an opportunity for himself and for his cronies, and Kimbrough and the rest of the school board members at that time just sat by and watched.

Anonymous said...

Also, if that really is David Guilford who posted that comment, his language use makes it clear that instead of seeking a school board seat, he should be in school himself.

Anonymous said...

I talked with Mr. Kimbrough about the fact that CJ Huff was given absolute control over the district and the fact that the board gave up what was their responsibility in overseeing the district. He agreed that after the tornado the BOE did give control over to Huff, but he also admitted that he and others made a mistake in not taking their control back. We're nearly 4 years away from May 22, 2011 and the superintendent still feels unaccountable to anyone. I appreciate Mr. Kimbrough recognizing the board's error and his willingness to work to correct that error. I also wondered if the David Guilford post was indeed from Mr. Guilford. Although I'm sure his intentions are the best, if he did post the comment, he is clearly unqualified for a seat on the school board.