Monday, October 05, 2015

City manager provides weekly update to Joplin City Council

(City Manager Sam Anselm provided the Joplin City Council with this update Friday afternoon.)

Good afternoon, everyone. Please see below for this week’s update.

Key Meetings 

-On Monday, I listened in on a couple of sessions from the ICMA conference held in Seattle. One session included creative ways cities are engaging employees and citizens in the budget process. With the implantation of priority-based budgeting here in Joplin, I’m excited about rolling out some similar programs to our residents. Another session included a panel discussion of police chiefs, city managers, and representatives from ICMA, the National Civic League (sponsors of the All-America Cities program) and the National League of Cities, to talk about the role of the police department and the manager in building community trust.

-On Tuesday, the ICMA conference keynote presentation was given by Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, who gave a talk on leadership, teamwork, and organizational health. You’ve heard me say several times that we have a tremendous group of people who work for this organization, but I see teamwork as one area where I think we can make improvements, not just within departments, but cross-departmentally as well. So we will continue working on that.

-On Wednesday, I had a conversation with a few representatives from Deloitte to talk about their non-disaster related experience working with organizations on a number of programs and services, including consulting on developing policies and procedures within these organizations. Specifically, after reading the state audit they offered their assistance, if we want it, in developing procedures in response to that report. I indicated to them that for now, we have already begun the process in-house with the involvement of department heads and through my office. We have two students from Missouri Southern interning/volunteering with us to do research and gather data from other communities and organizations that we can consider as we make changes.

-On Wednesday afternoon, I did a brief interview with Debby Woodin to talk about the back half of the audit, to get my perspective on a couple of the findings, for an article that she is working on.

-On Thursday, I met with Director Garrie, Director Allgood, and Assistant HR Director Tamra Schaller to discuss the proposed structural changes to the Parks & Rec department. I challenged them to first work within the existing confines/constraints of the budget to see what changes could be made. Before any recommendations are made to the council, I also asked them to work through the parks board and the personnel board for their approvals.


I have attached the report from Public Works to give you an update on numerous projects going on around town.

-Last night, our health department gave their presentation to the Citizens Academy class. We’ve also received a request from a community in Tennessee asking for information on our academy, as they would like to develop one of their own.

In the Pipeline

-I wanted to give another plug for the annual ham & bean feed that will take place next Friday, October 9th, from 11-1 at Memorial Hall. The event used to have a huge following, and we’re planning to bring that tradition back to the city, so I hope you can join us. The cost is $5 per person; please invite your co-workers and friends.

-Our annual auction will take place next Saturday, October 10th, beginning at 9 a.m., but the public will be able to inspect items on Friday, October 9 th from 1-4 p.m., and again on Saturday morning from 8-9 a.m. before the auction starts. It will be held in the storage barns at the Public Works Center, 1301 West 2nd Street.


Anonymous said...

UPDATE ON WALLACE BANKRUPTCY: Judge has allowed adversary lawsuits and so now he is being sued by 5 different entities/individuals. He seems to have same pattern of lying to others to claw his way into the wallet of innocent victims. He even cheated his neighbor of $1.6 million dollars. He's cheated investors up to $20 million dollars............ etc. The pattern of lying, cheating, embezzeling, money laundering, commingling of funds is constant in every lawsuit. HE'S A CROOK!

Steve Holmes said...

10:55, where did you get this? I'd like to read it, too. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the post! I would love to see this guy go to jail where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

Yes I did notice about 4 or 5 "adversary" lawsuits in his bankruptcy. Somebody should post all the filings. He recently had to do deposition where he was going to have to testify regarding the trusts he created for his daughters. They wanted to know about the monies coming and going our of those trusts. I wonder if something came out during his deposition that is now opening the door. I hope that Bajjali is coming clean and directing the lawyers as to where to look and dig. Also, he is claiming that his father had to give him the $5000 to file for bankruptcy. What a scum ball. I hope his own father isn't a part of this mess. The new wife keeps posting photos on FB of the two of them. Is she not embarrassed to be married to this cheating crook? I am baffled by her stupidity. But then, she's not a class act. Anyone who knowingly goes off with a married man is no prize. She should be dragged into court, and so should the ex-wife and his two grown daughters. They should testify about the lavish lifestyles they've all lived on this money Wallace has been stealing from his victims. Sad that this man.