Friday, December 18, 2015

Greitens: We're under attack, but we're winning

(From Greitens for Governor)

Three things:

1) We're sticking to our plan and it's working
2) We're under attack
3) We're winning

In the last month, an out-of-state SuperPAC connected to one of my Republican opponents and the Democrat party has launched relentless false attacks. What they don't understand: their political games motivate me, and they inspire our whole team. While our opponents are spending their time and money attacking us, we are building a grassroots army to move Missouri forward. We are out-organizing and out-raising them, and bringing new people on board for our mission every day.

I believe that politics should be an honorable calling that citizen leaders engage in for a short time. These recent attacks are another example of why people have so little trust in politics and in our government. Take a look at the attacks here - you can see why they motivate me and all of our supporters to fight harder every day. The attacks have inspired thousands of people to sign up to invest and volunteer. You can join us:

I'm new to politics, but I've been in a lot of fights - in the boxing ring, in Navy SEAL training, and in war zones. Where I come from, if you throw a punch, you own up to it. You don't hide behind others to do your fighting for you. Hiding behind others and refusing to take responsibility isn't leadership. It's cowardice. And it's the last thing we need in Jefferson City.

The day I launched this campaign, I made you this promise: If we meet their corruption with our courage, we will win. Today that is as true as ever.

Stay strong, have courage, and keep the faith. We're winning, and we're also having a ton of fun.

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Anonymous said...

So is he saying that the superPAC is affiliated with both his republican opponent AND the democratic party? Why can't he just admit that his own party is a bunch of predators that will attack their own when threatened?