Friday, December 18, 2015

Brunner: Syrian refugees put St. Louis at risk

(From Missourians for John Brunner)

Today John Brunner released the following statement regarding the relocation of five hundred Syrian refugees to St. Louis, MO:

The refugees being forced on our community are part of a wave of refugees that ISIS has said to have infiltrated with radicalized murdering terrorists. Without a real way to be sure we can separate friend from foe, accepting the refugees puts Missouri citizens at risk. It is not compassionate to facilitate the plots of terrorists who are killing innocents here and around the world. Our responsibility must first be to the safety and security of Missourians.

How can relocating people half a world away from their homes be any kind of good solution to the tragedy in the Middle East? It defies common sense. Why are not the other Middle East countries coming to the rescue? Why are we paying hundreds of millions of dollars sending families 7,000 miles from their homelands? Why are we not taking care of our military veterans and wounded warriors? Our first priority should be common sense and compassion for Americans in need!

The news of the refugee location follows recent multiple reports indicating highly suspicious mass purchases of cell phones in cities throughout Missouri including Columbia, Jefferson City, Lebanon, Ava, Jackson, and Cape Girardeau, while just this week the FBI was alerted about a questionable group of men who asked about touring Bagnell Dam at Lake of the Ozarks.

On November 16th following the deadly Paris terrorist attacks Brunner issued a statement calling on Governor Jay Nixon to take immediate action and block the relocation of Syrian refugees to Missouri.


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Second paragraph sums it up perfectly. Offering the Syrians refuge is not a real solution whatsoever. As the Paris attacks proved, these terrorists will infiltrate the refugee groups. Scary times we live in.