Tuesday, December 29, 2015

68 more reasons why the Joplin area needs the Turner Report

Last week, I posted links to 40 stories from the first six months of 2015 to demonstrate the type of reporting this blog has continued to do for the past several years. Some of the posts featured news that never appeared in any other media outlet. Some appeared here first. This post covers the last six months of the year.

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Thanks to all of you readers for making 2015 a successful year for the Turner Report/Inside Joplin.


R-8 pays $1 million for 10 leaders, splits $900,000 among 600 teachers

From Silver Lining: How David Wallace conned CART and his candidacy for Congress

Sources: C. J. Huff arranged for $6,500 stipend for favored teacher

The connection between Billy Long and Taylor Swift

Legislative aide to Rep. Kelley charged with choking woman

R-8 official, fired consultant, claim success at national conference

Missouri taxpayers pay for Bright Futures USA to expand to other states

Donors foot tab as Billy Long makes rounds of Vegas casinos

Will this man be the Joplin R-8 interim superintendent? (He was.)

Carl Junction R-1 settles with Nugent family for $300,000

As audit reveal nears, Woolston prepares for the worst

Suicide victim's mother files lawsuit against Carthage Police Department


Remembering Christy White

Joplin Globe raising rates again

Judge denies early release for Jasper High School aide on sex charge

Five more R-9 teachers resign, including three from McKinley

It's time to remove Mike Woolston from the City Council

Bankruptcy court lawsuit: David Wallace made $1 million during 2014

Woolston, Seibert were aware of Wallace Bajjali bankruptcies, lawsuits

Joplin R-8 taxpayers pay for C. J. Huff to tout Bright Futures in Nashville

Chamber president swears he first met Wallace in August 2011; Wallace disagrees

The people of Joplin should sue the Globe for non-support

Former Webb City principal pleads guilty to double murder (Did the Globe ever print anything about this?)


It's time to shut down Bright Futures USA

Documents indicate tornado relief money kept Bright Futures USA afloat

New Bright Futures position allows C. J. Huff to continue to soak taxpayers

Couple pleads not guilty as preparations made to fly child to Hawaii for funeral

City Attorney's document details vote on Woolston resignation, joint statement

East Newton cuts ties with Bright Futures

Globe takes different approach in Tupper, Woolston cases

C. J. Huff's last desperate attempts to woo Webb City superintendent

CART documents show how Woolston, Cage pushed for hiring of Wallace Bajjali

The lowdown on why Webb City severed ties with Bright Futures

Bright Futures USA chairman: We're paying C. J. Huff $30,000 for six months

April 2013 letter: Colbert-Kean was concerned about Woolston/Wallace Bajjali relationship

Senator: Give Joplin developer time with his family before he goes to prison


The new Bright Futures Missouri- a dodge to keep tax money rolling in

McDonald County drops Bright Futures

Initial study of baseball impact on Joplin deeply flawed

Bright Futures Joplin coordinator filed for bankruptcy in 2013

Five new lawsuits- Wallace owes $25 million, plus cheated neighbor

The decline and fall of Bright Futures

Court documents: Joplin principal fired because he bullied, intimidated teachers

Fifty-two things the unelected Joplin elite is trying to hide from you

Joplin R-8 pays $3,300 so learning coaches can find out what coaches do

How the Bright Futures myth has damaged the Joplin R-8 School District

R-8 officials headed to Denver for three-day conference

In the final days, C. J. Huff gave raises to favored enployees

Lawyers: Webb City teacher had constitutional right to have sex with student

Mommy and Daddy paying David Wallace's attorneys

R-8 executive directors eliminate Academic All-Stars


Lawyer: Rowan Ford's killer should be spared because he was drunk

Judge tosses former principal's lawsuit against Huff, Besendorfer

JHS teacher convicted of sex crimes to husband: What's wrong with me?

$150,000 age discrimination lawsuit filed against City of Joplin

Documents: C. J. Huff asked federal government for $4 million for Bright Futures

Joplin R-8 Curriculum Director Sarah Stevens resigns

The Larry Masters lawsuit and why it was important

Wistrom, Republic Board: Why we don't want Joplin in Central Ozark Conference

C. J. Huff: We'll twist FEMA's arm and they'll give us what we need


The complete list: How much do Joplin R-8 employees make?

Millions for R-8 technology, but no evidence that it helps students

How did Bud Sexson get hired in the first place?

Sexson removed as East Middle School principal

Court-appointed receiver's message- Joplin will never get a dime out of Bajjali

Former church music minister, father of four arrested on child porn charge

Top Empire District Electic executives have $21 million golden parachute

Cable One: We're not going to pay $1.3 million per subscriber to KODE/KSNF

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Why don't you change your site up so you can get local ads on your site? I notice you have a lot of national remnant type ads but no local businesses.

Anonymous said...

Why would someone pay for your "I hate Joplin Schools" blog?

Anonymous said...

Why would someone pay for your "I hate Joplin Schools" blog?

"I hate Joplin Schools' administrators", though, is something a number of us are willing to pay for, at least while the bulk of them are reliable reported to be worth our "hate" (really, we just want them to go somewhere else). Ditto all the other corrupt and/or criminal targets of our host's "hate".

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Randy!
Those of us who appreciate the truth do care.

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Anonymous said...

Of your 108 Reasons why the community needs your blog 59 of the posts (54%) are negative towards to School District and or Bright Futures. I can't imagine why anyone would call this the I Hate Joplin Schools Blog...

Anonymous said...

Dear 12:15 PM,
There's a big difference between "I Hate Joplin Schools" vs. "I Hate What Has Happened to Joplin Schools and I Want It to Stop." The Huff administration that systematically drove the district into the ground is just that--an administration. It is not Joplin Schools, and it has earned every critical comment on record. If the people of Joplin didn't love Joplin Schools--and they do--nobody would have any interest at all in what has transpired in the district the last few years. The sound coming through this blog is often that of anger and outrage, and rightly so. It's the sound of a lot of chickens finally coming home to roost and numerous people in positions of authority finally being held accountable for their actions, which is good. When Joplin teachers stop leaving the district in droves, we will know we're on the right track in repairing the damage and rebuilding the district. Finally.