Monday, December 28, 2015

Cable One may drop KSN in three days

(The following message has been posted on the Four States Home Page (KSNF and KODE) website.)

To our viewers who subscribe to CableOne:

We regret to inform you that you may lose access to station KSNF at 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 2015.

Nexstar has successfully reached agreements with all major carriers prior to now and we have been diligently negotiating with CableOne to secure a new agreement for continued carriage of KSNF by CableOne.

Did you know CableOne pays more than $7.00 for carriage of ESPN and more than $1.65 for TNT? All Nexstar is requesting is that CableOne pay fair market value for the NBC and local programming we bring to you, our viewers, everyday. We expected that we would reach an agreement to allow you – our viewers – to continue receiving KSNF on an uninterrupted basis from CableOne

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts we may not come to an agreement and you may lose KSNF on December 31, 2015.

In addition to all of the great NBC including The Voice, The Blacklist, NFL Sunday Night Football and the 2016 Summer Olympics, KSNF provides more than 25 hours of news and local programming to the four-state area. We are disappointed that CableOne has elected not to pay a fair price for KSNF and regret that we have not be able to reach an agreement.

 If you would like to be ensured of continuing to receive KSNF after December 31, below are a few providers who will be serving our community after that date: DirecTV: 417-782-4222 DISH: 417-782-4222

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Anonymous said...

KSN is right relative to what Cable-One pays ESPN and TNT. They simply believe that since KSN is an over-the-air product, they should be able to Take it and feature it for sale. The Four networks, CBS, FOX, NBC and ABC are the most viewed channels on Cable-One, virtually in that order. You should not take them and include them in your For Sale package without paying them like everyone else. If you won't pay them and then offer them, see how well your subscriber count agrees. If you are correct that they are irrelevant, then dropping them should not be a problem.