Monday, December 21, 2015

40 reasons why Joplin area needs the Turner Report

That headline was not exactly an example of modesty, but it is time for another pledge break for the Turner Report-Inside Joplin.

Inside Joplin now brings in 1,500 to 2,000 readers on an average day and provides records material, including arrests, accidents, dissolutions, and marriage licenses, as well as news about Joplin and the surrounding area. Inside Joplin Obituaries continues to offer free obituaries without requiring people to pay for them,

The Turner Report, meanwhile, has continued, year after year, to bring this area investigative reporting and commentary that are not available from any other source.

In this post, links are provided to 40 stories that either were reported in the Turner Report and nowhere else, were not covered until much later by the Joplin Globe, or featured information that never surfaced in the Globe or any other media outlet. This collection covers January through June 2015. On Tuesday, I will post links to Turner Report exclusives from July through December.

Below the links, you can find PayPal buttons for subscriptions or contributions. Investigative reporting is not cheap and those who have subscribed have enabled me to continue increasing coverage of Joplin and the surrounding area.

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Contributions can be for as little or as much as you are able to pay.

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Thanks to those of you who have supported the Turner Report/Inside Joplin. It has been an eventful, productive 2015 with these blogs and their readers making a real difference. I look forward to more of the same in 2016.


Company that won Joplin skating park project facing $10 million fraud suit
This was never mentioned in the Joplin Globe

Joplin mayor on Wallace-Bajjali: People just don't understand how master developers work
No mention in Joplin Globe of Mayor Michael Seibert's comments, which came at a time when it was becoming obvious that Wallace-Bajjali was never going to do anything for Joplin.

Wallace and Bajjali resigned to keep from repaying $1.2 million to investors.
The Turner Report was the first news source with this story.

Billy Long raises $4,720 in five weeks, spends $5,307 on meals
Nobody is writing about the amount of campaign money Billy Long burns through for meals and Las Vegas trips.


Joplin Globe, city officials ignored 2013 report that Wallace-Bajjali was $6.5 million in debt

CART leaders tried to derail Wallace-Bajjali investigation
This has never been addressed by any media other than the Turner Report.

Wallace-Bajjali abandoned another town before Joplin, Amarillo

Master developer's ex-wife: You're not getting out of alimony, David

Joplin R-8 borrows $28 million; Globe doesn't mention it

Lawsuit officially concluded: How much did Mike Johnson cost R-8 taxpayers?

Ex-Joplin master developer completes project- $84,000 pool at his home

Million dollar lawsuit filed against Joplin R-8 School District
As far as I can remember, this lawsuit has never been mentioned in the Globe.


C. J. Huff kept board, public in the dark for months about need for $29 million

R-8 Administrator: We have no idea if laptops have helped students

Sharp, Huff use teachers for campaign video

Electrical contractor hits Joplin R-8 with $7 million dollar bill for work on JHS

State auditors unable to review more than $4 million in Joplin R-8 donations


Nancy Good, under penalty of perjury, Bright Futures USA received nothing from Joplin Schools

C. J. Huff: Jennifer Martucci is a snob who doesn't love kids

Jennifer Martucci responds to C. J. Huff attack

Joplin R-8 paying $100,000+ for educational consultant

David Wallace: I'm unemployed and living off my wife's income

Trips to Atlanta, Vegas casino on tap for R-8 officials

Child pornography controversy erupts at Joplin High School
This one was certainly swept under the rug after a few days.

C. J. Huff: A coward who bullies women?


New lawsuit filed against C. J. Huff, North principal

Cozy relationship between Banwart, commissioner spells conflict of interest

Judge revokes former Sarcoxie board member's probation


Killer's uncle: If MSSU coach had been a gentleman, he would be alive today

Tina Smith denies wrongdoing, accuses former R-8 employee of sexual harassment

C. J. Huff recommendation letter: Joplin is "unengaged, apathetic community."

R-8 taxpayer money used to promote C. J. Huff for national awards

C. J. Huff' We'll twist FEMA's arm; they may give us what we need

Landis contacted Darieus Adams before he resigned

Administrator's husband rips Fort, Koch, Martucci, calls me a character assassin

Anson Burlingame offers County Commission benefit of his wisdom

Video- C. J. Huff directs his last tantrum at R-8 teachers

Sarah Stevens: teacher morale will suffer if expensive consultant not retained

Documents: Landis in touch with Dankelson, Bartosh, Adams days before decision

Seven R-8 administrators made $100,000+ last year


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Anonymous said...

Joplin does not need the Turner Report. The Joplin Globe and our television stations have professional reporters who provide truthful information unlike this blog. You have overstayed your welcome, Turner. It is time to shut this down.

Anonymous said...

Real men don't beg for money, Turner. It is worth the amount of money it takes to view it on line. Absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

These comments are pathetic. If it had not been for Mr. Turner's reporting, we would probably still have CJ Huff as superintendent and Mike Landis and Anne Sharp on the school board. Bud Sexson would still be principal at East. It should also be noted that when Bruce Speck was creating a mess at Missouri Southern, Mr. Turner was the only one who called him out and had the courage to put his name on it. He also was the first to examine Wallace Bajjalli. I am already a subscriber, and if they have not done so already, it is time for the people who work for the school district and Southern to show their support for Mr. Turner. And also the parents and taxpayers who have benefited from his hard work. The Turner Report is a breath of fresh air in a town which has been stuck with a Joplin Globe monopoly for years.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like the Turner Report then why do you read it?

Anonymous said...

Yawn...for the hateful netherworld perspective. So many bones to pick, so little life expectancy.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting to read what lies Turner has reported. One of you haters need to provide a link to your truths.

Anonymous said...

And in other news, this blog also is on the brink of curing cancer, sheltering the homeless, resolving poverty and creating renewable energy sources. Give me a freaking break. Get out of here with this bull$h#t, really. The things mentioned were of their own doing. Continuing to give false credit over and over doesn't make it true.

Anonymous said...

Observations on the Turner Report:

If it gets as much traffic as is reported, why are their no local ads running on the site? How come just Google Ads? Why will no local business support the site?

What is keeping Randy in Joplin? If his investigative reporting is so stellar then their should be 100’s of newspapers across the country knocking down his door to get him to come work for them.

Why doesn’t Mr Turner get another teaching job in MO or another state?

Perhaps once readers understand his “reporting” is simply his venting because he got canned then some of you will figure out what this blog is really about.

Anonymous said...

The butthurt commenter should obtain some sort of assistance ASAP. Just give the waaaaahmbulance a call and report a case of recto-cranial inversion.

Anonymous said...

After several years of following the Turner Report, I can say that he backs up his assertions with evidence, and he corrects any errors he makes. When he starts getting close to the truth of a situation, the haters come out in a weak and pathetic attempt to discredit him, which was what really got him fired to begin with. Old Bessie and Little Huffy had to discredit Turner so that no one would believe him. Unfortunately, that didn't work for them, but it was fortunate for the community as it is finally ridding itself of the corrupt administration and former school board that supported it. The last of the corrupt and inept members of the Huffy regime will be gone soon. It will take years to repair the damage.

As far as the current whiner, it's hard to say who it is or what they are burned about, but it seems to be a voice that has come about since the removal of Stevens and the exposure of the Winston finances. It could even be a spouse. One of them is known for his abusiveness and inability to keep a job. The current situation must be a threat to his ability to be lazy. Who knows. Anyone from that administration or old board is a possibility. Even what few friends Huffy managed to purchase could be guilty. I don't know how long it takes to pay off an SUV with weak shows of support, but that family could also be guilty of the baseless remarks.

At any rate, Turner and his blog were a huge part of the turnover. No one can deny that. He has the evidence to prove what he says. That must just do in the weak sisters at the Globe.

Anonymous said...


Oh, don't worry, we figured out what this blog is about a long time ago. Unfortunately for you, you have too. It threatens you because it is backed with evidence. Please, deny the evidence of abuse and fiscal malfeasance Turner has provided over the years. We would love for you to do that. But you can't. All you can do is attack the messenger, which is the weakest form of defense on earth. The more you try, the worse you look. So please, for your own sake, hush it. Turner will keep informing us and we will keep acting on the information. That's the way it works when journalists actually do their jobs.

Anonymous said...

5:18PM, 5:19PM, 8:03PM, 9:17 PM, 7:03AM = Probably currently unemployed while waiting for their BizRadio investment to be bailed out with a Billy Long earmark. Couldn't afford the nut to lobby the auctioneer in person at his poker party.

Anonymous said...

Lol...10:40 & 10:45: give it up already, what a mindless, pathetic retort filled with blind support for the poor fallen Turner. I do like that anytime I Google his name one of the top returns is "Randy Turner, child predator". You must be swelling with pride.

Anonymous said...

I need Turner like a colonoscopy. I only come here to see what the dark side thinks.