Friday, December 18, 2015

Ridder; New East Principal Cox comes highly recommended

Low teacher morale, high turnover, and general incompetence in administration.

Joplin R-8 Interim Superintendent Norm Ridder is familiar with having to follow someone with that track record.

When East Middle School students return from Christmas break, Barbara Cox will have the same opportunity.

During a staff meeting at East Friday morning, Executive Director of Secondary Education Jason Cravens announced that Bud Sexson, East's principal for the past five and a half years was being reassigned and that Cox would take over as principal.

Ridder told the Turner Report that Cox, the former principal at North Middle School, had come highly recommended by staff, board members, and the community.

"She had a good history and people spoke highly of her. I met with her and I liked her," Ridder said, adding that the members of the community he had talked to "like her a lot."

No reason has been given for Sexson's reassignment, nor is it known just what Sexson will be doing. "Nothing I can say at this point," Ridder said, "We're looking for the best match."


Anonymous said...

W.O.W! And great choice for a new principal!

Anonymous said...

Now cut Jason Weaver. What a rude lil man her is.

Anonymous said...

Great choice to get East back on track!!! Unfortunately, Mrs. Cox will now join the ranks of those who have to answer to Jason Cravens...a nice man who is painfully inexperienced and unqualified to hold a position at central office.

Anonymous said...

When will Terry Hart be sent packing from McKinley?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully at the same time JD is sent packing. Both totally incompetent and an embarrassment every time they try to say something educational.

Anonymous said...

Forewarning......I work for BC for over 8 years. She was a great leader and understood how a school building worked. When she started at North she cleaned house and hired her own staff. Good or bad that's just a fact. East staff be careful what you ask for you might just get it. Make sure your part of the "family"... u will under in time.

Anonymous said...

Go, Barbara!