Friday, May 06, 2016

Ridder to provide R-8 Board with update on superintendent search

Interim Superintendent Norm Ridder will provide the Joplin R-8 Board of Education with an update on the search for his replacement during a 7 p.m. special session Tuesday, May 10, in the Memorial Education Center.

A closed session will be held at 6 p.m. for privileged communications between the district and its attorneys, involving the hiring, firing, promotion of discipline of personnel, legal actions involving the district, and hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of particular employees.

  • Meeting Agenda

    A. Call to Order

    1. Roll Call

    B. Approval of Agenda - Action

    C. Recognition of Teacher of the Year and Support Staff Employee of the Year - Info. (Jeff Koch)

    D. Personnel - Action (Tina Smith)

    E. Employee Health Care Plan - Action (Paul Barr & Tina Smith)

  • F. Revised Engineering Fees for Early Childhood Center from Smith & Boucher - Action (Tina Smith)

    G. Policy First Reading - Action (Jason Cravens and Tina Smith)

    1. Policy GCA: Professional Staff Positions

    2. Policy GCBC: Professional Staff Fringe Benefits

    3. Policy GCPB: Resignation of Professional Staff Members

    4. Policy GCPC: Retirement of Professional Staff Members

    5. Policy GDA: Support Staff Positions

    6. Policy GDBC: Support Staff Fringe Benefits

    7. Policy GDBDA: Support Staff Leaves

    8. Policy JHCD: Administration of Medications to Students

    H. Response to Bright Futures Joplin Letter to the BOE - Info. (Dr. Ridder)

    I. Superintendent Search Update - Info. (Dr. Ridder)

    J. Adjourn - Action


Concerned citizen said...

Ridder is feathering his nest,building his resume for his "retirement" career.Hire a professional firm to handle finding a new leader.Ridder needs to get on with cleaning out the Huff mess but we wasted last year because of the cute Banwart-Landis/Jasper Commission appointments of clueless Board members.Ridder is great on talk but not a humble leader.

Anonymous said...

I wish he would focus on what my paycheck, benefits, and schedule will look like next year. It would be helpful to know before June 1. At the moment it looks like a continuation of the same crap that Huff brought us years ago. I'm looking for another job unless something promising comes out of this meeting.

Anonymous said...

Fringe benefits? I'd like to have fringe benefits. All I have is insurance that takes half my paycheck. I don't get free family insurance like Paul Barr and some of the other lofty "professionals." What a joke R8 has become.