Thursday, June 02, 2016

KOAM report examines deal between Joplin R-8, teachers

The first agreement achieved through collective bargaining between Joplin teachers and the R-8 School District is examined in this report from KOAM education reporter Lisa Olliges:

The agreement calls for $1,000 raises plus a step increase for teachers, but it also includes some other provisions that make it even more attractive to a faculty that has seen massive turnover in the past few years.

From KOAM's report:

Besides the extra pay, the teachers say a big benefit of the contract is conflict resolution.

Joplin National Education Association Union President Crystal Stokes said, “Across the board, if I send a student to the principal I have some type of feedback, some type of conversation, instead of top down decision. Well, we made this decision."

Elementary teachers also get duty free lunch and all teachers are now paid extra if they give up their planning period to fill in for other teachers.

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Anonymous said...

As a former Joplin teacher for many years, I am glad for the progress in the areas of teacher pay, as well as in the area of conflict resolution. Thanks, BOE, for listening to the teacher. However, I am wondering if any raises are in the future for the support staff as well. My former para often has to cover classrooms when a sub cannot be found, or when a teacher has an appointment. Will there be any raises for support staff? She has been a para in the district for over 15 years, and barely makes $1 more than new hires. Newly hired support staff's pay is pretty competitive, but after they work for a few years, their pay isn't increasing as it should. I hope this is addressed. I remember Chris Sloan pointed that out when he was campaigning.