Thursday, June 02, 2016

Missouri gun laws could allow lifetime permits, constitutional carry

This report from KY3 in Springfield examines prospective changes in Missouri gun laws, which would allow lifetime permits. From the report:

The same piece of legislation also proposes a change in castle doctrine, about the obligation to retreat. "It essentially eliminates that, and you are under no obligation to retreat or back up; you're just there to defend yourself and your family," says DeLay.

But another bill on the governor's desk would give Missourians constitutional carry in the state, allowing concealed carry without a permit wherever open carry is allowed. "I think it's a good thing; I think we have constitutional carry as far as I'm concerned," says Coatney.

The lifetime permits would require a background check every 5 years, but not so with constitutional carry because there would be no permitting process. Both pieces of legislation have yet to be signed or vetoed by Governor Nixon.


Anonymous said...

By the way, there are now 10 states with Constitutional Carry, it just went effective in West Virginia May 24th.

These include neighboring Kansas. And strangely enough, despite it being in effect for 11 months, Dodge City hasn't turned into "Dodge City".

Constitutional Carry does currently have a big flaw, though, Federal law does not allow the unlicensed to carry a gun within 1,000 feet of the borders of any school, which makes most cities minefields, should the authorities try to make an example of you.

Anonymous said...

Why not just have the federal government mail a free gun to everyone filing a tax return?

Call the bill the Red Dawn Prevention Act.

Have 1 free box ammo per citizen available at the polling place. Trade your vote form free target practice!