Tuesday, February 07, 2017

House Democrats: Greitens should have had the courage to sign right to work into law at a union shop

Missouri House Democrats issued the following response Monday to Gov. Eric Greitens signing right to work legislation into law:

“Governor Greitens should have had the courage to sign this bill into law before employees at Boeing, Ford or one of the many other proud union shops in our state so he could explain to their faces exactly how Missouri will be better off when they have less power to negotiate for higher wages, decent benefits and safer working conditions. 

Instead he chose to hide out in an abandoned warehouse far from critical questioning by the hardworking Missourians who, thanks to him, have fewer rights today than they did yesterday.”

House Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty

D-Kansas City


Anonymous said...

Amen! But the coward would hide behind a machine gun to do it. Greasy Greitens, steals from charities, sells out to business and industry instead of representing citizens.

Anonymous said...

He is representing a majority of the citizens. You union droolers are out of touch and only looking after your best interest, not that of the whole.

Anonymous said...

Right to Work doesn't mean an end to unions. You can still be in a union. You now cannot be forced to join one.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:42

You are without a clue if you think right to work won't lower your wages. You are without a clue if you think there won't be a petition to force a vote by the people as to whether this law stands. Guess what, most people, unlike yourself are not booger eating morons that think this law will hel anyone but politicians and business interests.