Friday, February 03, 2017

McCaskill: I'm voting against Scott Pruitt for EPA

(From Sen. Claire McCaskill)
The way I see it, my job is pretty straightforward: Bring some good old-fashioned Missouri common sense to Washington, D.C. It’s why I’ve reached across the aisle to find pragmatic solutions and even worked to mitigate the effects of rules and regulations that went too far.
But when it comes to Donald Trump’s nominee to head the EPA, Scott Pruitt, we’re not talking about a pragmatic conservative. We’re talking about a radical ideologue.
Rather than working to find common ground on regulations, he’s spent his career trying to gut critical protections that keep dangerous pollution out of the water we drink and the air we breathe. That’s why I’m voting against the confirmation of Scott Pruitt, and I need you to speak out with me.
Add your name today to tell the Senate: Reject Pruitt for the EPA!
Missouri families deserve to know that the water that comes out of their taps won’t poison their kids – and I don’t think that should be controversial.
But it only takes a quick look at Pruitt’s record to see that he doesn’t agree. He’s come down on the side of pollution every time, even if it means drinking water full of coal ash or air full of mercury.
We need an EPA administrator who will work for commonsense solutions that keep Missouri families safe – and that isn’t Scott Pruitt. I need you to add your voice to mine: Tell the Senate to reject Pruitt for the EPA!


Anonymous said...

Surprise surprise...she is a real live sky is falling politician

Anonymous said...


I can understand why clean water is not an issue for someone that is obviously an alcohol only drinker.

Anonymous said...

She is a freak who needs to be replaced in 2018 and will be because of her Democrats only club. She believes the rest of us are stupid and she only knows better

Donald Dump said...

I'll be issuing an excretive order on this! Just tune in next week so my ratings go up!

Anonymous said...

I guess to be a Trump pick for a cabinet one needs only to display a loathing for the department they are going to be in charge of. Call me stupid, but I happen to like having clean water and clean air. As the saying goes, we all live downstream and water knows no boundaries. By the way, when is Trump going to show us his tax returns and fully divest from his businesses?