Friday, May 19, 2017

Greitens taps Wyoming man to head Department of Social Services

(From Gov. Eric Greitens)

Today, Governor Eric Greitens announced that Steve Corsi, current Director of the Wyoming Department of Family Services, will be appointed as Missouri’s new Acting Director of Social Services (DSS).

Corsi has a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. Prior to public service, Corsi worked in the private sector as CEO of High Country Behavioral Health and worked as a Clinical Director in many other roles. Corsi is an officer in the Army National Guard and spent nearly a decade in active Air Force service.
Under Corsi’s tenure, the Department reduced its annual budget by almost $30 million while improving results for families and children. Corsi's team reduced rules and policies by over 1150 pages and achieved a ranking as one of the top states for child safety for the past three years. Corsi also lead Wyoming to be named one of the most improved states in SNAP error rates in 2013 and received bonus awards for SNAP timeliness in 2014 and 2015. Additionally, the Wyoming Child Support program has achieved and sustained the number one ranking nationally since 2013.

Governor Greitens released the following statement, “Steve Corsi is a transformative leader with experience on the front lines in public service, business, and the military. In Wyoming, he cut costs for the taxpayer and got more results for families and children. We are excited to have Steve join our team and produce those same results for the people of Missouri.”

Steve Corsi released the following statement, "I share Governor Greitens' passion for transforming the Department of Social Services to provide more safety and security to the most vulnerable in Missouri while also protecting taxpayer dollars. The opportunities for reform are endless. I look forward to serving the citizens of the State of Missouri and am honored and excited to join Governor Greitens and the DSS team.”


Anonymous said...

Does "Greasy" Greitens have a problem employing Missouri citizens? Most of his cabinet are "out-of-state" people, even though there are citizens FROM Missouri, that are just as qualified and their residence here displays commitment the state.

Anonymous said...

I agree that more Missourians should be hired. But if our Gov. is anything like Trump and his firing of all the US Attorneys in one swipe maybe we are footing a bill for our Gov to run for President in coming years. He might be getting his future cabinet up and running now so that he has a loyal following in the great event. Maybe more importantly is the fact our legislature has passed legislation so negative against the worker and so positive for corporations that we should be asking why our guys and gals hate the citizen so much. The agenda of the Republicans is so transparent that our less than informed voters think that "they really cannot be doing that to us, can they?" Well, your kids and you will be able to enjoy one another's company for many years as you will be living together under one roof for many years due to poor wages and lack of benefits to be able to afford housing. Suck it down the Kool-Aid tastes good at the time.

Anonymous said...

If they are from "out of state" then they don't really see how depressed Missouri's wages are. That way they don't have any emotional connection when they decide to make sure they vote down raising the minimum wage or even vote to abolish the minimum wage. (like the party before country republicans have any emotional connection to anyone that doesn't own them) Rich folks from other states will make a better cabinet for this tool.