Thursday, May 25, 2017

Billy Long on Blue Cross Blue Shield KC decision: Failing health care law must be replaced

(From Seventh District Congressman Billy Long)

Today (Wednesday) Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City announced that it will no longer be offering individual Affordable Care Act plans in 2018. Below is Congressman Billy Long’s (MO-07) statement:

“Earlier last year I talked about the possibility of this happening, and today that possibility became a sad reality for Missourians covered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City,” said Rep. Long.“Roughly 67,000 individuals in Missouri and Kansas will have no options for coverage under Obamacare’s exchanges in 2018 due to a failing health care law that must be replaced. Missourians continue to get the rug pulled out from underneath them with skyrocketing premiums and limited choices.”


Unknown said...

It was obvious 8 years ago.
Now President Trump will have to straighten it out.

Harvey Hutchinson. 303-522-6622 voice & text24/7

Anonymous said...

Keep dreaming Hervey!~

Dolt 45 couldn't straighten out a box of uncooked spaghetti.

Anonymous said...

Why would any insurance company still offer a product when Congress has vowed to destroy the program?

Anonymous said...

You fools, according to little Harvey, have had 8 years to come up with something, but all you can do is get a tax break for the rich. Your constituents want you to fix what is there but all you can do is allow your lying rhetoric and alternative facts to keep feeding the rich. Speaking of feeding, you're looking a little thin there Billy hog. Better get your fat ass back to Vegas and hit them buffets!

Anonymous said...

Blubba should take Hervey with him next time he's partying on the legislative teat in Vegas!

That way Hervey could see how things really work in repubican't land.