Saturday, May 20, 2017

McCaskill plan offers health insurance alternative if counties are left without carriers

In this interview with 41 Action News in Kansas City, Sen. Claire McCaskill, explains her bill that would allow people in counties that are left without insurance carriers to enroll in the same health insurance exchange used by members of Congress and their staffs.


Unknown said...

We have this problem because of Obamacare 8 years ago. If he had left well enough alone everything would be fine.

I believe President Trump can straighten out the mess!

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Anonymous said...

Trump can't even get his nose out of Putin's backside and the way things are going, you will be bowing to Pence instead. You morally and ethically bankrupt party before country republicans hate the fact that there are poor people who need assistance. Why do you have a problem with people getting insurance? Are you one of the fools that actually believe people don't need insurance because they can just go to the hospital and get treated anyway? (according to Nut Gingrich) The same fools that don't understand that people without insurance are driving the cost of healthcare and insurance through the roof? WE ARE ALL PAYING FOR THOSE REPUBLICANS WHO DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR OBAMACARE BUT THEY RUN TO THE HOSPITAL ANYWAY. The majority of the uneducated fools that voted for Trump are on Obamacare and don't want it taken away. But that doesn't serve the party before country republicans rich 1% masters. Get tax breaks for the rich and to hell with the rest. Typical republican scum.

Anonymous said...

I think things will be almost magical for the Donald Trump administration now that the Orange Foolius has fondled the glowing orb!

He should have done something like this or a crystal ceremony long ago!

Sticking pins in a Hillary or Comey voodoo doll won't work very well since he won the election. So he and Ivanka need to stop that nonsense ASAP!