Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Joplin R-8 Board approves combining middle school basketball teams

(CORRECTION: The original version said the vote was unanimous. The post has been corrected to note that the vote was 6-1.)

The Joplin R-8 Board of Education moments ago approved by a 6-1 margin a plan to combine the three middle school basketball teams and only field one team apiece for eighth grade boys, eighth grade girls, seventh grade boys, and seventh grade girls.

The dissenting vote was cast by Lori Musser.

The plan would provide room for 30 players on A, B, and "junior varsity" teams, a name change from the C team that had been mentioned previously.

The vote was taken following a presentation by Athletic Director Jeff Starkweather and Assistant Athletic Director Matt Hiatt, who will take over for Starkweather, who is retiring, next year.

Board member Sharrock Dermott warned that people should not expect that this move will bring dramatic immediate improvements to the basketball programs, saying not to expect the move to translate to "we're state champs."

Hiatt agreed, saying, "We have a lot of work to do. This isn't a cureall. This is a step in the right direction.

(More information about the decision will be added later.)


Anonymous said...

It will definitely not bring results to Basketball. There will be 5 starters now, not 15. Many will simply play something else. The best players in grade 8 will have many that peaked physically, they will be the same size when they are seniors. All this so we wont be getting beat by the local, smaller communities in 8th grade. This is a huge mistake in my opinion, I guess we will see in a few years.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jordan got cut as a sophomore, he came back and developed into, arguably, the best player ever. How many kids will get cut and never develop. 7:38 makes a good point.

Anonymous said...

6:37 Michael Jordan did not get cut as a sophomore. He simply did not play varsity. He was still on the basketball team.

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks it's about developing talent...most places it's not.

If anyone thinks it's usually about playing the kids whose parents are important and have pull... most places it is.