Saturday, May 20, 2017

Roy Blunt for the umpteenth time on why Obamacare is bad

In this video, Sen. Roy Blunt continues his haranguing on Obamacare and the horrible effect he says it is having on the country.


Anonymous said...

Ol' Roy Blunt is just being a prepper. As soon as Dolt 45 causes the ObamaCare cost sharing subsidies to stop the entire heath insurance industry in the US will implode.

Proud Dolt 45 supporters in rural red states don't have a clue as to the carnage this will wreak upon their local healthcare facilities. This is the price they will pay for putting Dolt 45 behind the wheel. Personally, I wouldn't trust him with a trash truck.

Anonymous said...

Roy "fecal stain" Blunt is just regurgitating the GOP rhetoric that has been spewed for the past 7 years. You would think that by now they would have something in a plan to take care of the issue. But they tried to rush some crap through because they weren't prepared to win the Whitehouse. Now it is their headache as they do their best to destroy what is working in the ACA. The gullible fools that allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the hate and fear mongering rhetoric are the same people using the ACA. They will find out that, once the party before country republicans get done, they will be the ones left holding the bag. They believed and elected the lies and now it is going to bury them. Is this really what they wanted? The republican controlled government doesn't care about what they want. It is strictly about what the top 2% want. Tax breaks.

Anonymous said...

I have known Roy Blunt for quite a number of years now, and during all that time, he has lived in Washington D.C. Now just how in the hell does he end up being elected in Missouri?

Unknown said...

The Unaffordable Health Care Act is the biggest mistake this country ever made; and now its imploding!

President Trump will have to straighten it out.

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Anonymous said...

He can't do anything after he is impeached and imprisoned. Then you will have to bow to Pence. Maybe he can destroy the poor.