Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Joplin R-8 Board hires EMS assistant principal, 26 teachers, accepts 15 resignations

The Joplin R-8 Board of Education hired 26 teachers and accepted 15 resignations during a May 23 closed session.

The board also hired Paul Gipson as East Middle School assistant principal. Gipson replaces Jason Weaver, who is the new principal at Jefferson Elementary.

Teachers who were hired included the following:

Shantel Barker, Heather Bennett, Eric Blackford, Marissa Blevins, Patrick Bromley, Karen Fitzsimmons, Joseph Flynn, Makayla Fuller, Casey Funk, Linda Gooch, Shelly Greninger, Betsy James, Jessica Lawyer, Katie Moore, Robin Nelson, Alexia Ohnemus, Mary Pace, Beverly Saneman, Courtney Throener, Travis Trueblood, Katherine Wilson, Ariel Adams, Elizabeth Arnold, Morgan Doyle, Jessica Rogers, and Kyle Wolf.

Two classified employees, Tara McCoy and Dimitra Summers, were also hired.

Resignations were accepted from the following:

Elizabeth Arnold-Enslow, Baily Austin, Jessica Broaddus, Chad Brooks, Caryn Deckard, Caleb Frakes, Kristi Mascher, Taylor Quezada, Jason Vance, Stephanie Wellesley, Earlene White, Victoria Wiley, April Wilson, Jamie Eggerman, and Stephanie Taylor.

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