Saturday, May 27, 2017

Posts about Will Norton, Donald Trump, Paul Barr among most visited on Turner Report/Inside Joplin this week

The top 10 posts for the Turner Report this week are a mixed bag of all kinds of different stories topped by assault charges filed against a Neosho man.

The most unusual posts this week came in at numbers six and seven.

Number six was a post from June 2011 as I noted a few Turner Report posts from six years ago to observe the sixth anniversary of the Joplin Tornado. The post featured my coverage of the funeral of Joplin High School graduate Will Norton, one of the 161 tornado victims.

At number seven was the transcript and video of the only comments on record by President Donald Trump about the Joplin Tornado, though he never mentions Joplin.

The Turner Report

1. 255-pound man says he punched woman behind Sam's Cellar in self-defense

2. Please don't ask me not to print public records

3. Preliminary hearing for Joplin doctor charged with statutory rape, sodomy set for next week

4. Judge: It's unfortunate taxpayer dollars will be used to pay for (C. J. Huff's) failure

5. Joplin R-8 to announce Paul Barr's retirement today

6. Life of Will Norton celebrated

7. Donald Trump from 2011: Billions for Iraq, Afghanistan, but nothing for tornado victims

8. Former East Middle School nurse sues Joplin R-8 for age, disabilities discrimination

9. Joplin residents, Lamar man indicted on meth conspiracy, trafficking charges

10. Joplin R-8 Board approves salary schedule on 4-3 vote

Inside Joplin

1. Barton County Sheriff's Office Arrests

2. Moving violation check point to be held in Jasper County, DWI saturation in McDonald County

3. Video- Complete Joplin High School Graduation

4. Jasper County Sheriff arrests Carl Junction man for kidnapping, assault 

5. Joplin Police Department Arrests May 24-25

6. Joplin Police: No evidence to support rumor of child abduction at Lowe's

7. Joplin Police Department Arrests May 23-24

8. Jasper County Dissolutions of Marriage Petitions

9. Joplin Police Department Arrests May 22-23

10. Sheriff's office arrests Joplin man for driving while intoxicated

Inside Joplin Obituaries

1. Maynard Barnabas

2. Max Clevenger

3. Edward Hembree

4. Bob Larson

5. Jerry Hatfield

6. Hermy Passley

7. Judy Miller

8. Eula Hall

9. Lois Wells

10. Charles Fitzjohn

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