Thursday, May 25, 2017

255 pound Neosho man says he punched woman behind Sam's Cellar in self-defense

A Neosho man has been charged with felony assault following an incident 1:25 a.m. May 21 behind Sam's Cellar, 101 N. Wood, Neosho.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Jeremy Lee Thurman, 30, struck a Neosho woman "with closed fist to the facial area causing major swelling and disfigurement." The woman was taken to Freeman Neosho for treatment.

Thurman, who weighs 255 pounds according to court records, told Neosho Police he had punched the woman, "but stated it was in self defense."


Anonymous said...

Interesting that a 255 lb. Army Special Forces veteran would claim self-defense in his beating of a 120 lb. unarmed female. Not sure that defense will hold up in court. I guess if she swung at him once or twice, many people may feel he was justified to beat her unconscious, leave her with concussion, two black eyes and a broken jaw.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I heard she swung at him with a tire iron, twice before he hit her, and only hit her once. It was CLEARLY self defense.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, because in the police report he does not mention anything about her having a weapon.