Wednesday, May 24, 2017

McCaskill wants to know: Do you support Trumpcare?

(From McCaskill for Missouri)

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office just released its analysis of Trumpcare, and it's disastrous: 23 MILLION people will lose lifesaving healthcare coverage, millions more will be pushed to plans that don't cover major risks, and older Americans and low-income families will be forced to pay more for care.

This bill is nothing short of a disaster for American families. But Republicans don't care how many everyday people they hurt – the next step for this catastrophic bill is the Senate, where they're hoping to hand President Trump a political victory.

Claire is fighting to protect safe, high-quality healthcare. But with this new report showing just how much is at stake, we need to know where you stand:
One-Question Survey
Do you support Trumpcare?
The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect. We need to improve it, and Claire’s taken steps to do just that. But Trumpcare’s attack on basic access to care for millions of Americans is a HUGE step in the wrong direction. Thanks for standing with her.


Unknown said...

Senator, you created the disaster.

Blue Cross just pulled out leaving millions of Missourians with nothing.
Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice & text

Anonymous said...

Trumpcare is:
1. Pre-existing illness not covered.
2. Less coverage for a multitude of illnesses.
3. $10,000 deductibles
4. Higher costs for elderly and poor.
5. Just as big a piece of sh** as Trump.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 6:37
The system was just fine 8 years ago before the corrupt Obama screwed it up-- gotta make his payoffs some kinda way.

Now states like IA, MO have nothing, and AZ had 115% increase in premiums, and you DO NOT choose your doctor; just more lies from Obama, Pelosi, and Hillarys butt buddy McCaskill

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