Monday, May 08, 2017

Southwest Missouri Democrats, Indivisible Joplin to protest at Billy Long's Joplin office

(From Southwest Missouri Democrats)

In our 7th Congressional District and the 4th Congressional District of Missouri organizations, coalitions, and voters, are coming together outside our Congressional Offices on Wednesday.

We will hold signs out front, then drop in to leave our names and our message for our Congresspersons. We are disappointed in their vote on the American Healthcare Act and we want to message to Senators Roy Blunt NOT to follow their lead.

Healthcare affects us all!

In the Joplin area join Southwest Missouri Democrats and Indivisible Joplin: Plan MO on Wed. 5/10/17 from 2pm to 4pm, at Congressman Long's office, on 2727 E. 32nd St. in Joplin. We will sign hold for an hour, then head in to the office to leave our names. We will respectfully ask "does Congressman Long plan to hold a public event and have public discourse... with us his constituents, about healthcare, on this 11 Day "Congressional Home Break?"


Harvey Hutchinson said...

Congressman Long fought to keep " pre-existing conditions " in the bill.
You should view him as a true patriot, and a champion for the less fortunate.
The Obama UN-affordable health care plan had already imploded-- nothing left in Iowa, and 115% premium increases in Arizona.

Great job, and you are very much appreciated in TM the 7th District Congressman Long!!

Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text 24/7

Anonymous said...

Harvey, turn on your news. Congressman Long voted NO for this after your joke of a president promised him Trump steaks at his las vegas buffet.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

Anonymous 4:52,
It's in there!! So what's the problem,
And, Congressman Long did his part to get the clause in.

Yo prejudiced people would find something wrong if he brought in the Messiah carrying 26 tons of solid goo!!
Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text 24/7

Anonymous said...

A republican accusing someone else of being prejudiced?!? Pot calling the kettle black. Oh, sure the clause is in there but there won't be enough "risk pool" money to take care of the pre-existing conditions. Do you not understand that 30% of Missourians have pre-existing conditions? But then again, being republican you don't do facts, just the alternative reality you live in and you do a good job of believing what you are told to believe. Oh, by the way, what would 26 tons of solid goo be anyway? Never mind........republicans are full of it so that is what he would be bringing. About what Trumpcare is worth. A bigly yuuuuuuuge pile of it.

Anonymous said...

5:07AM Now that's funny!!

And what's really goning to be funny is when the 20+ Republicans that voted for the current Repeal and Replace get kicked out because their Republican constituents are all waiting in ER's because they have to wait until they are deathly ill because they no longer can afford med insurance under Trumpcare.