Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Hawley: Help me fight the liberals who would tear down our democracy

In the latest mailing from the Josh Hawley campaign, he keeps on sounding the Justice Kavanaugh beat and the horrible radical liberals who tried to keep Kavanaugh from being approved for the Supreme Court.

He has been hitting the Kavanaugh note for quite some time now. Are Missourians really that concerned about Kavanaugh? The text of Hawley's message is printed below.

I’m sure you agree that Democrats should be ashamed of what occurred during the confirmation process of Justice Kavanaugh. From attacks on his family to physical threats against numerous Republican Senators, one would hope that these radical liberals would finally allow the nation to heal from the wounds they created.

Instead, what are Democrats doing now that he’s finally confirmed? Calling for his impeachment. Just like they did when President Trump won in 2016, Democrats weren’t able to obstruct Kavanaugh’s confirmation so now they're threatening to remove him by Congressional force.

This is what will happen if Democrats gain the Senate majority once again. Every politician who stands up to them with will be threatened with removal, and Claire McCaskill will go right along with it just as she always has.

There's only one way to continue fighting back against those who want to tear down our democracy, and it’s through the ballot box. Wednesday, October 10th is the last day to register to vote in Missouri. If you’re as worried about liberal obstruction as I am, you need to make sure that you can make your voice heard in November.

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