Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Roy Blunt on Fox: Democrats are sore losers; Kavanaugh hearings have energized Republican base

Sen. Roy Blunt, R-MO, nailed all of the GOP talking points during a Sunday morning appearance on Maria Bartiromo's Fox News program.

Blunt said the Kavanaugh hearings have 'energized the Republican base," and criticized Democrats for declaring Kavanaugh "guilty until proven innocent."

As for criticism that the investigation into Kavanaugh was a sham, Blunt disagrees. "Judge Kavanaugh is the most vetted candidate in the history of confirmations."

Blunt also rips into Democrats for being sore losers who have not been able to accept Donald Trump's 2016 win and praises Trump for his accomplishments on the economy, trade and in getting two Supreme Court justices improved.


Harvey Hutchinson said...

So true!! Senator Blunt

We're working like crazy to get you another Senator from MO, that we all can be proud of.

McCaskills days are numbered? Down to 23)


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Anonymous said...

Dear Corrupt Blunt, you better get back to your lobbyist family. I hear some more bribes are coming your way. While you're at it, why don't you see if you can help those people in Poplar Bluff that are looking for jobs now that Trump's steel tariffs have taken their jobs? Don't worry about the farmers though. The republicans are making sure to buy their votes with $12 billion in "farm aid" to support them through Trump's other tariffs.