Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Graves: Say thanks to those who play a role in our public schools

(From Sixth District Congressman Sam Graves)

Our public schools have always been one of our best assets in North Missouri.

I am grateful for the work that our public schools do in educating our children. Much of North Missouri is rural and without them, many of our children simply wouldn’t have access to the same future as other kids in more populated areas. It’s hard for some to imagine having less than hundreds of kids in a school and yet, most of our rural schools don’t remotely come close to that number. Some have less than 10 total kids to a class. Yet, I know that, whether in a large school like Park Hill South or a small one in Atlanta, MO, our students are getting a quality education.

That’s because our teachers and faculty are devoted to our students. These dedicated educators help produce outstanding graduates who go on to make a difference here at home and around the world. That simply doesn’t happen without committed educators.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible work done by our public schools. I am the proud product of the Tarkio Public School system as are my children. Now, some of them teach as well.

This week is known as Public Schools Week. I am proud to once again co-chair Public Schools Week with colleagues on both sides of the aisle. This week is an opportunity to celebrate our public schools and honor those who dedicate their lives to making sure our kids get the best education possible. Whether it be the teachers, administrators, school board members, bus drivers or parents, everybody plays a part.

Now, more than ever, it’s critical that we support our public schools, particularly in our rural areas. They currently face some of the most challenging times, such as funding and teacher recruitment and retention. We’ve seen many schools go to great lengths to make sure they keep the doors open and continue to provide quality education. It’s imperative that they continue to receive the support they need.

I would encourage you to take a moment to say thanks to those in your community who play a role in education. They are vital to the fabric of North Missouri.


John said...

I wish all the people who claim the NEA is a one-sided organization could read this article and see why Rep. Graves has received their endorsement. If more Republicans were like him, they would get more NEA endorsements.

Anonymous said...

Obvious that Graves has not listened or even met Devos and her private for profit education family. Public school would be great if teachers were allowed to teach and students were not just passed on with failing grades. We were considered abject failures if failing in grade so it was imperative to study and learn to move up another grade. Some kids we have met would be in 8th grade when they were 18 years old if the old system were in use.