Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Agenda posted for tonight's Joplin R-8 Board of Education meeting

The Joplin R-8 Board of Education will meet 7 p.m. today in the Memorial Education Building. A closed session will be held at 6 p.m. to discuss personnel and legal matters.

The agenda for the public meeting is printed below:

A. Call to Order
1. Roll Call

B. Pledge of Allegiance

C. Approval of Agenda - Action

D. Reports

1. Board President's Report

a. Celebrations - Info (Sharrock Dermott)

1. Teacher of the Year - Joplin Schools Foundation
2. Support Staff of the Year - Joplin Schools Foundation
3. Read 180 National Award Winner Zander Boyes and Tashena Vickers (Teacher)
b. BOE Finance, Salary, and Benefits Committee (S. Dermott, B. Jordan, Dr. Joseph)
c. BOE Safety Committee (S. Dermott, L. Musser, Dr. Fort)
d. Long-Term Facilities Planning Committee - Info (S. Dermott, B. Jordan)

2. Superintendent's Data Report

a. Health & Dental Plan Update - Info. (Jamie Burmett)
b. Financial Statements - Info. (Dr. Lankford)
c. Enrollment Report - Info (Dr. Moss)

E. Public Comments Regarding Agenda Action Items

F. Constent Agenda - Action

1. Minutes - Action (Pat Waldo)

2. Consent Contract - Action (Dr. Moss)
a. Renewal of Financial Advisory Agreement - Action
b. School-Based Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Direct Services Cost Settlement Through the MO HealthNet Program - Action
c. School District Administrative Claiming Through the Medicaid Program - Action

3. Approval and Reporting of Time Sensitive Payments - Action (Dr. Lankford) 

4. Safeschools by Vector Solutions - Action (Sarah Mwangi)

5. School Messenger - Action (Sarah Mwangi)

6. FTC Adult Respiratory Care Graduate Payment to MSSU - Action (Dr. Moss)

7. Pest Control Service for the 2019/20 Fiscal Year - Action (Dr. Sachetta)

8. Fuel Bid - Action (Dr. Sachetta)

9. Policies for Second Reading Approval - Action (Dr. Moss)
a. Policy DG: Depository of Funds (Dr. Ron Lankford)
b. Policy GB: Part-time and Substitute Employment (Sarah Mwangi)
c. Policy GBAC: Staffing with and Employing Retirees (Sarah Mwangi)
d. Policy GCPB: Resignation of Professional Staff Members (Sarah Mwangi)
e. Policy GCPC: Retirement of Professional Staff Members - Action (Sarah Mwangi)
f. Policy GDPC: Retirement of Support Staff Members (Sarah Mwangi)
g. Policy GCBA: Professional Staff Compensation (Dr. Moss)
h. Policy GDBA: Support Staff Compensation (Dr. Moss)

G. Regular Agenda

1. JNEA Teacher Compensation Agreement - Action (Sarah Mwangi)

2. Salary Schedules Excluding JESP - Action (Dr. Lankford and Sarah Mwangi)

3. Accounts Payable - Action (Dr. Lankford) 

4. Fund Transfer Authority - Action (Dr. Lankford)

5. Change Order #004 Remodel of MEC for the Adult Technology Center - Action (Dr. Sachetta) 

6. Change Order #001 Turf Replacement at Junge Field - Action (Dr. Sachetta)

7. Purchase of LED Light Fixtures for Four Elementary Schools - Action (Dr. Sachetta)

8. Installation of LED Light Fixtures for Four Elementary Schools - Action (Dr. Sachetta)

9. English Languae Arts (ELA) Textbook Adoption Grades 2-5 - Action (Dr. Gilbreth)

H. Adjourn - Action

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