Thursday, May 30, 2019

Ed Martin: Mueller statement was his final and greatest abuse of power

(From Phyllis Schlafly Eagles)

As the dust settles from Robert Mueller's final public statement, it's clear his only goal is to motivate Democrats in their ridiculous quest against President Trump.

"Mueller's statement is shameful and serves only as an attempt to tip the scales for Democrats," said Ed Martin, president of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles.

"This was his final and greatest abuse of power before retiring. Even James Comey's 2016 shenanigans surrounding the Clinton email probe pale in comparison to Mueller's public statement this week. 

"He made a mockery of the office of special prosecutor by fanning the flames of political rhetoric."


Anonymous said...

I am amazed you have the guts to come out with this type of statement. One who is so blind to the truth and facts when placed before them has no right to be involved in any organization let alone speak for themselves. I pity your followers as they too must be dragging their knuckles on the ground believing your dribble. I wonder what kind of compensation you are receiving from the RNC, Russians, NRA or other extreme right wing nut cases.

Anonymous said...

Facts? Explain the the facts, 5:39.

By the way, it says a lot about you and your beliefs when you say things like "one who is so blind... has no right...speak for themselves." Who are you to decide who is capable of speaking for themselves? People have different views, different beliefs. It is tolerant of you to determine what others should be allowed to think or say. Typical leftist. Thought police.

Anonymous said...

Does it take "guts" to post what Ed Martin did? It's possible that you @ 5:39AM have no appreciation for how WINGNUT WELFARE really works!

"Wingnut welfare refers to job offers or deals on the basis of ideological purity rather than talent or experience. The term was coined in 2005 by blogger Jane Hamsher, who used it in reference to Pajamas Media.[2]

Are you surrounded by yes-men and lackeys and feel under political threat? No need to toss reporters into jail for daring to criticize Dear Leader—that's what public relations is for! You see, in "Real Democracies™" you just slander real journalists and incentivise shills.

Wingnut welfare typically flows from conservative publishing houses, opinion journals, and websites. Such operations are heavily subsidized by wealthy benefactors such as the Koch brothers, William Regnery Jr. and Richard Mellon Scaife, as well as organizations such as the John M. Olin Foundation. However, not all such publications are considered wingnut welfare. The term is limited to deals that are divorced from free-market business principles. Put simply, wingnut welfare recipients are not expected to generate profit or even make any money at all, but rather, to act as "loss leaders" in the promotion of right-wing ideas to the masses. The wingnut circuit isn't that different from the old (or current) Soviet propaganda apparatus. " Source

Wikipedia has some details of Mr Martin's bonafides for collecting the $54,807 he was paid by "EAGLE FORUM" (the EAGLE FORUM which files with the IRS as a 501c4 "social welfare organization")for a reported 20 hours a week of work in 2016 apparently doing things like posting his message above. NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT! JUST LIKE CONGRESSMAN BILLY LONG EATING STEAKS IN LAS VEGA$!

"Political career

In 2005 Governor Matt Blunt appointed Ed Martin as chairman of the St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners.[7] He also headed the leadership team[citation needed] that designed and implemented the Missouri Accountability Portal, an Internet search engine developed by the Blunt administration to track state government spending in order to increase transparency.[14]

In August 2006 Governor Matt Blunt appointed Martin as his Chief of Staff.[15][16] While serving as Blunt's chief of staff, Martin was linked to the controversial firing of Scott Eckersley, then Deputy General Counsel for Blunt. In the summer of 2007, Martin's office had resisted providing his emails to an investigative reporter from the Springfield (MO) News-Leader, who was investigating whether Martin used his office to influence outside groups against political opponents. Martin claimed there were no emails that pertained to the issue. A Blunt spokesman said the administration did not have a policy of retaining emails, although the state Sunshine Law requiring retention for 3 years is widely known.[17]

The administration claimed it had fired Eckersley because he had violated internal policies. He filed a lawsuit against Martin and Blunt for his firing, saying he had been trying to enforce the state law for retention of emails.[18] Several major media outlets filed suit to gain access to Martin's and other emails of the administration. Martin resigned as Chief of Staff in November 2007, followed by Blunt's General Counsel, Henry Herschel.[17]


Anonymous said...


After a year-long battle to gain access, in November 2008, the Kansas City Star and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch analyzed and reported on 60,000 pages of emails obtained from the administration. They found that Martin had used his state office in 2007 improperly to encourage opposition to Attorney General Jay Nixon among anti-abortion groups, as the Democrat Nixon was likely to oppose Blunt in the next election.[17] He had also pressured political appointees of state agencies to criticize Nixon's handling of some issues as AG. In addition, the newspapers reported that Martin had encouraged outside groups to oppose the nomination of Patricia Breckenridge to an open seat on the Missouri Supreme Court, although Blunt supported her.[17] On May 22, 2009, the Missouri Attorney General's office announced that Eckersley's lawsuit against Blunt and others had been settled for $500,000.[19][20]

In January 2008 Blunt surprised supporters by announcing he would not seek a second term.[21] In February 2008 Governor Blunt appointed Martin as a member of the Missouri State Parks Advisory Board, a position he held until April 2011.[22]

Following Blunt's leaving office, the state completed its own investigation of possible violations of the Sunshine Law under Blunt and Martin. It found that the governor's office failed to properly disclose Mr. Martin's emails."[23] This investigation, which cost the state $2 million, found that Martin had illegally destroyed some emails, in violation of the state's open government or Sunshine Law.[24]

In 2008, Martin founded the American Issues Project, a political group financed by Harold Simmons that ran anti-Senator Barack Obama TV ads during the 2008 United States presidential campaign.[25] Martin appeared on The O'Reilly Factor to discuss the group's commercials.[26]

Martin was executive director of the Missouri Club for Growth, a PAC to support certain candidates financially, and president of the Missouri Roundtable for Life, a pro-life, non-profit group.[27] He also founded Term Limits for Missouri in 2010,[28] which works to pass laws for term limits on all statewide elective positions in the state.

In 2016, Martin co-authored The Conservative Case for Trump with Phyllis Schlafly and Brett M. Decker.[29] "

IRS SAYS THE FOLLOWING ABOUT WHAT A 501c$ ID: "To be tax-exempt as a social welfare organization described in Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 501(c)(4), an organization must not be organized for profit and must be operated exclusively to promote social welfare." SOURCE:


Anonymous said...



(I'd put hotlinks and tell you MAGAts and Barr's Tards to click and read but you are too skeered of actual facts and more than 140 characters on your Mango Mussolini's twitter is TLDR!)

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how absolutely divided people are. People on the right stand their ground when they should back down and people on the left act pious and pretend to have high ground when someone on the right gets caught.
POLITICIANS ARE ALL CROOKED. LEFT OR RIGHT, IT DOES MOT MATTER. They all vote along with party and not for what's best for the public. They stay in office only to benefit self. Yet, people act like there is a difference in ideology when the only ideology of either side is make money.
People who follow the left may be slightly more hypocritical because they usually disavow religion. However they are too obtuse to realize that they follow their blue donkey idol with the same fervor as others follow their religions.
People need to wake up and realize that it is a design to create chaos and the general public in a state of confusion.

Anonymous said...

4:44 is mostly right. The left is highly hypocritical on many things, I am on the left mostly. But to say they do not follow religious doctrine is mostly wrong also. The bible teaches forgiveness, help to fellow man/woman, share the bounty, protect the child and do what is best for man and his globe(that is the earth) as it is the globe that gives us the bounty of life and visions of natural beauty without man's interference. So, yes they are critical of the right as they are taking away so many of the rights of human beings aforementioned that they cannot be believers in the bible teachings. Notice that most of the wars fought have been instigated through the right wing machines. Most of time it is left to the left wing to finish or wrap up those skirmishes. Sad that man wants to kill one another in such efficient manners. It does, however, keep the numbers down because birth control practice is bad juju.

Hyacinth said...

Does this man actually believe what he said? Robert Mueller has the best reputation of anyone in D.C. and I don't believe that he would have ruined that reputation giving a 9-minute statement to the America public over what he knows to be the truth. Mueller is not a politician, but this Martin sure is. And we all know what politicians really are......!

Anonymous said...

Mueller is an idiot. He says that it was not his place to say if a crime was committed, yet Ken Starr had no issue saying Clinton was guilty. I happen to believe where there is smoke there is fire so there is something there but Mueller is too chicken shit to come out and say it. So, he may not be a politician but that doesn't mean he isn't political.

Anonymous said...

The left establushment is anti religion. The left establushment for the most part follow the path of Marx. Now I am not saying they are dyed in the wool Marxists, but they do have similar core beliefs.
If you disagree, you aren't really paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point about Mueller. Much of what he says comes across as innuendo. He gives just enough information to rile up the base. He throws hand grenades and then disappears.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point about Rush Limpbough. Much of what he says comes across as innuendo. He gives just enough information to rile up the base. He throws hand grenades and then disappears on his next trip to the Dominican Republic.