Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Ed Emery blocks attempt to prevent government officials from using self-destructing text messages

Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, does not think the use of self-destructing text messages to conduct state business is anything to be concerned about.

The Kansas City Star reports Emery, who has already shown disdain for the vote of the people with his bill to overturn a constitutional measure approved by Missouri voters by removing the requirement that messages to senators and representatives be subject to Sunshine Law requests, has removed a House amendment to his bill that would prohibit the use of Confide and other apps designed to automatically remove text messages.

From the Star account:
State Sen. Ed Emery, a Republican from Lamar and the senate sponsor of the bill, said he removed the amendment because use pf the apps “is not something I think is terribly harmful.” 
With time running short and a stack of bills left to deal with before adjournment, Emery said the app ban was unlikely to get across the finish line this year regardless.
“Frankly,” he said, “this bill is not a terribly high priority.”

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