Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Joplin City Council approves hiring of four police officers for airport, establishes arts district

During its meeting Monday night, the Joplin City Council held a public hearing on regulations for where medical marijuana can be sold, designated an arts area in the city for marketing purposes and approved the hiring of four police officers for the Joplin Regional Airport.

The stand-alone police force at the airport is designed to handle increased duties necessitated by the added flights to Chicago that begin next month.

The accompanying video is from KODE.


Anonymous said...

I was out to the airport one weekday around 9:30 AM and it was dead as doornail and hard to find anyone working. Finally the office got a person from security to come out and answer a question. There were three there and no passengers or anyone, but lots of cars in parking lot. I am not sure where the money was spent on this flunky airport, but it seems money better spent for persons flying out Fayetteville or Springfield. On top of this debacle they give money for private aircraft to Neosho, Monett, Pittsburg or God only knows what other little airport, that is our tax payer money while our roads rot. More cops at the airport, great, but add their pay onto tickets purchased by passengers as should all the extras Joplin gets for what few people use it. Wasted space for wasted town.

Anonymous said...

Move, dumbass. If you don't like it here, leave.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to the complainers and haters- IT'S TIME TO THINK BIG TO HELP MAKE JOPLIN GREAT AGAIN!

The airport needs to be supported to the max because how can anyone expect the new arts district to be a success if all the important visitors who will be visiting Joplin can't easily fly in from New York City or Los Angeles to visit and influence and art?

Anonymous said...

You are so right. Joplin should sit by and not progress at all. It should stay exactly the same. Never take chances on growth. Just be stagnant. Let other cities grow. Am I right, progressives?