Friday, June 07, 2019

Eric Knecht signs off as KSN sports anchor

Eric Knecht, sports anchor at KSNF for the past 15 years, signed off for the final time Friday night.

Knecht, a Shelbyville, Indiana, native, came to Joplin after stints as a producer at WSBT in South Bend, Indiana, and as a sports reporter at KTEN in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

"KSN gave me the opportunity to be a sports anchor," Knecht said, "and I could not have made a better decision."

Knecht thanked the coaches, athletes, referees, officials, umpires and school officials for making his time in Joplin so enjoyable.

"Thank you so much for being so good to me."

Knecht thanked all of those who work behind the scenes at KSN and ended by saying, "Thank you so much to the Four States. It has really been a pleasure for me."

Knecht said he was leaving to explore other business opportunities.


Anonymous said...

A nice little tribute to a long time member of the local media. He always seemed to do a fine enough job the very few times I found myself bored enough to pay attention to him. Hopefully his new endeavor is successful and fulfilling for him. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

He was the only credible news team member on kode /ksn.

The morning show on kode is a clown fest btw

Anonymous said...

He was sports. How in the hell can you not be a credible sportscaster? What are you going to do, report the scores wrong? Hey, the Chiefs beat the Patriots according to the guy on KOAM!
Only credible team member... makes me laugh

Dusty Roads said...

I agree kode12 morning show is terrible