Friday, June 07, 2019

More than $14 million raised for Cornell Arts and Entertainment Complex, crowdfunding effort announced

(From Connect2Culture)

Connect2Culture and Spiva Center for the Arts hosted The Cornell Complex Launch Party on Monday, June 3, 2019 on the Memorial Hall parking lot.

The event, attracting over 175 in attendance, brought together city and state officials, donors, arts and cultural organizations, and citizens in support of the Harry M. Cornell Arts & Entertainment Complex. 

There, C2C and Spiva announced they had exceeded the $14 million amount needed to fulfill the Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Joplin and move forward with the project. Cash received was reported totaling $5,132,783. Pledges from 192 individuals, businesses, foundations, and groups totaled $14,658,216.

Fundamental donors for major aspects of the complex were recognized and honored, including: Harry M. Cornell (lead gift/naming rights), Dr. Lance and Sharon Beshore (Connect2Culture Performance Hall), Freeman Health System (Spiva Main Galleries), Leggett & Platt Incorporated (Festival Plaza/Amphitheater), Crossland Construction Company (Third Floor Rooftop Terrace Venue), and Harry M. Cornell (Spiva Permanent Collection Gallery).

Letters of intent were also signed by both the architects (DLR Group and Corner Greer and Associates) and the construction manager (Crossland Construction Company) for the project.

When completed, the Harry M. Cornell Arts & Entertainment Complex will be a state-of-the-art facility with a modern performance hall, outdoor amphitheater, stunning rooftop terrace, and community spaces. It will also become a home for Connect2Culture and a new home for Spiva Center for the Arts.

Efforts to reach the ultimate goal of $16 million has spurred momentum and the creation of a month-long crowdfunding effort. Additionally, thanks to an anonymous donor, gifts received during this limited time will be matched (i.e. $10 = $20, $50 = $100, etc.). It is hoped that many more donors, contributing gifts of all sizes, will get involved at this time to take advantage of the match. Those interested in helping create a home for the arts in Joplin are encouraged to give now at

Full details on the Harry M. Cornell Arts & Entertainment Complex can be found at


Anonymous said...

What a waste... no one was asking for this. This in no way benefits the area.

Anonymous said...

I have many questions on why it has to be in that location.
Why can't they use all that money and revamp Memorial Hall?
Why can't they use some of the empty buildings or lots in town?
What about some of the buildings that are empty or falling down in the downtown area?
It just seems that we don't need this facility and to top it off, we really don't need it on the Memorial Hall parking lot. Where will people park?

Anonymous said...

Its another money pit for the city of joplin taxpayers. If they had the caah on hand that would be one thing but they do not. The majority is in pledges.
I agree with the commentators. It has no benefit to Joplin. Why don't
They revamp empty buildings that have adequate parking. That size of a structure in that location will not have the room for adequate parking. I wouldn't invest one penny.
It's another Wallace Bajali & Ballpark scam.
Whomever invests is foolish Aka City of Joplin City Council members or are either stupid or stand to profit from this.

Anonymous said...

There is never a reason for Joplin to progress. So ignorant to even try.

Dusty Roads said...

They are building it on the Parking lot so they can have an excuse to tear down Memorial Hall for a parking lot....wait and see

Anonymous said...

Oh no, what will we do without Memorial Hall? It such a hub of activity.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fanf*ckingtastic!