Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Probable cause: Joplin man murdered the mother of his grandchildren, shot his son and left him in critical condition

A deadly shootout at 8571 Eloise Lane left Sarah Tyminski, 32, Joplin woman dead, her boyfriend, Christopher Lamb hospitalized with gunshot wounds and the boyfriend's father, Rickey L. Lamb, 60, Joplin, charged with first degree murder. assault and two counts of armed criminal action.

The shooting took place as a result of a custody dispute, according to the probable cause statement filed today in Newton County Circuit Court.

Rickey Lamb, who at one time had custody of his son and Tyminski's children, said his son told him the next time he, Christopher Lamb, got the children, his father would not get them back.

From the probable cause statement:

Rickey Lamb stated he went to Christopher Lamb's house to scare him so he would not keep the children. (He) stated he knew Christopher Lamb had a single shot shotgun so he took his 30-06 rifle with him for protection.

Rickey Lamb stated when he pulled into the driveway, Christopher Lamb knelt down behind a tree and fired (his) shotgun at him. Rickey Lamb stated he then grabbed his rifle and shot (his son).

(He) stated Christopher Lamb dropped the shotgun. Sarah Tyminski tried to pick the shotgun up and Rickey Lamb shot her. (He) stated Christopher Lamb fired the shotgun again at (him), hitting him in the left shoulder. Rickey Lamb then drove home.

Teresa Brown, who lives with Christopher Lamb and Sarah Tyminski, was inside the house when the crime occurred. (She) stated she was in the house and heard Christopher Lamb on the phone arguing with his father about the kids. (She) stated when Rickey Lamb pulled up the house, (he) started shooting.

(She) stated Christopher Lamb got his gun and shot at Rickey Lamb after Rickey had already shot Christopher and Sarah.

Sarah Tyminski was found in the front yard with what appeared to be a single gunshot wound to the hand and the side of her abdomen. (She) was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Christopher Lamb was found inside the house near the front door He was transported to the hospitl and is in critical condition.

After treatment for a gunshot wound to to the shoulder, Rickey Lamb was taken to the Newton County Jail, where he is being held on a $500,000 cash-only bond.


Anonymous said...

This is tragic and very interesting how a father and son get to the point they have a gun battle over a young child that is blood to both!

Anonymous said...

There are way to many grandparents supporting their grown children and raising their grandchildren.
If adults took care of themselves and their children instead of forcing the burden on others, this may not have happened. Looks like the dad finally snapped. Sad for everyone, but I am angry at the parents for pushing the Dad to his limits. They were mostly likely diarespectful to him and unappreciative of all he has done to help them. Unfortunately now this has happened and the situation has become even worse.
Parents and Grandparents ahould stop enabling their children and force them to be responsible for their own.

Anonymous said...

Trashiest story I've seen all day.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

But he shot them. Let's not completely blame them.

Anonymous said...

Those poor kids have to live with the fact that their grandfather killed their mother and shot their dad.

Anonymous said...

There has got to be way more to this story. 1.) Why did the grandfather have custody of the children? 2.) What happened to the charges Chris had against him for beating Sarah last year? 3.) Did the two get custody of the kids again? 4.)This whole situation is terrible but not too sure the father should be tried for murder... Let's let the jury decide!

Anonymous said...

6:18. The grandparents raising their grandkids are the same people that raised the parents.

Anonymous said...

The Apple just doesn’t fall far from the tree. It’s very sad, but true.

Kara said...

Rick and sharon are good people ! This is a sad mess ! Prayers for all

Anonymous said...

What in the hell are you talking about? Not sure if he should stand trial for murder? He literally MURDERED someone. The very definition of committing murder.

Anonymous said...

Good people do not shoot other people.

Anonymous said...

2:31 is telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

He should be tried on every charge he has against him. It wasn't like it was a heat of the moment argument, he had to drive to get to his sons house, with gun in tow. He went there looking for a confrontation. J S