Sunday, September 10, 2006

Siedlecki again targeted by anonymous blogger

For some reason, the anonymous blogger at Omaha TV News continues to have a problem with former KODE anchor Jim Siedlecki. In the past, he has compared Siedlecki's appearance to that of Jim Nabors, and in addition to looks, he has also criticized the way Siedlecki pronounces words.
The anonymous blogger has always been a fan of former KODE anchor Malorie Maddox since she left Joplin for WOWT in Omaha, but has attacked Siedlecki since he arrived to join his former KODE co-anchor as co-host of the station's morning show.
The latest tirade was posted Thursday:

It sure is nice tuning in to WOWT's "Live at Daybreak" this week and not being yelled at by Jim Thiedlecki. Apparently Big Jim is on vacation. Malorie Maddox, as we've noted before, comes across as exponentially more poised and intelligent when she's not splitting time with and being interrupted by her overbearing, buffoonish co-anchor.

I don't know what this guy's problem with Jim Siedlecki is, but I do know that he and Malorie worked together well while they were in Joplin, and I have resented his previous posts in which he has said that Siedlecki might be good enough for Joplin, but he's not good enough for Omaha.
A note to those of you who will automatically jump on me saying I have done the same things to local newscasters. Check carefully and you will see that is not true. I have never criticized a television reporter or anchor for anything other than the content of their programs. And I always post my criticisms under my own name and not anonymously.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed Jim Seidlecki when he was here, so I too am baffled at why someone would be so rude about him. Maybe the anonymous blogger is someone with a "fatal" attraction to Malorie Maddox and thinks her and Jim are to close. Or maybe the blogger is just a dumb***.

Anonymous said...

That was tame compared to a typical post. The person claims I have a lisp and truly makes things up just to get a rise. I have a pretty good idea who he is but could care less. I have a great wife, three wonderful kids and a great job that all keep me happy and very busy.
I respect your critiques about local media down there. I may not always agree with things you post but at least you are willing to assign your name to them.

And for the record, Mark Kinsley was not fired from KODE as was mentioned on the reply to your post below. I was his asst. news director at the time. He quit and went to Boston for a period. He is a very nice guy.