Tuesday, July 22, 2014

C. J. Huff: School will start on time- Where have I heard this before?

From tonight's Joplin R-8 Board of Education meeting:

C. J. Huff says everything is on track for the new high school to be ready to move in August 11 and to start school August 25.

Photos were shown, people watched. It took 20 minutes. Board members are excited about everything being on schedule.

 Others are skeptical.

(Sorry, I just really don't want to write about construction.)


Anonymous said...

Yes, school will start on time no matter what, huh CJ? Who cares if cabinets fall off wallos and onto secretaries, or if ceilings fall in on classrooms. Or, really, what difference does it make if a urinal in a boys' restroom is easily seen from the hall? Who cares about door jambs falling off or water coming up under the doors. A little mold here and there ain't going to hurt nobody. Gosh, people, we have CJ's reputation for declaring things will happen and making it so to protect here! He can't be the hero of the tornado and wear his cape and superman panties and wave his $15,000 ribbon around if that building ain't open on time. We must have priorities here...for the kids?

Anonymous said...

Hows it feel to see this, Mr. Steele?

Lost another round to the little man behind the curtain. Let the school open. Who cares if its safe for our kids. Just so long as cj looks good.

Anonymous said...

Assuming you don't mind starting without electricity and internet, that is. Since computers is all the kids have, that seems important.

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