Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Judge to ponder decision on whether to hold Joplin man without bail on child porn charge

A Joplin man will remain behind bars while a federal judge decides whether he should be allowed bond on a child pornography charge.

Frank Ness, 51, formerly of Carthage, was arraigned this morning at the federal courthouse in Springfield. During the 17-minute hearing, prosecutors explained why they felt Ness should be held without bond, while Ness' lawyer asked that is client be allowed to be free while awaiting trial.

Ness was arrested following the execution of a search warrant at his home at 1421 S. Cleveland July 16..

The search warrant was executed following a tip to the task force that child pornography was being sent to a computer with an IP address that was being used at that house

Southwest Missouri Cyber CrimesTask Force officers found 124 videos containing child pornography on Ness' computer, according to an affidavit. All were hidden in a folder.

Ness waived his Miranda rights and talked with Task Force officers July 16 at the Joplin Police Department. He said he had been looking at child pornography for approximately 10 years and said he had sent child porn to others and that he had received child porn from others. He disguised his identity by using female names such as "Heather Todd," "Caroline Barns," and "Mandy Wicks," he said. Officers had come across the Barns and Wicks names during their investigation.

More information about the Ness case can be found at this link.


Anonymous said...

Why does the news media always say that someone is formerly of Carthage when discussing a Joplin criminal? They never say that about someone who is from Joplin but arrested in Carthage.

Randy said...

The mention of formerly from Carthage is because I have been asked if that is the same one and I do have readers in Carthage. I have also published a post a few months back about a Carthage man who was arrested and noted that he was formerly from Joplin. Please do not lump me in with the rest of the media, which I might add, has not covered this story to this point.