Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fox News parent company chips in $2,000 for Billy Long

The parent company of Fox News likes what it sees in Seventh District Congressman Billy Long.

FEC documents indicate that NewsCorp's Fox PAC contributed $2,000 to Long's campaign Friday, as the congresman's money-making machine continues to work efficiently.

Long has raised $25,000 since the beginning of the month with $5,000 of that coming from Silver Dollar City CEO Peter Herschend and JoDee Herschend, with each kicking in $2,500.

Fox was not the only big media corporation to contribute to Long. He also received $1,000 from CBS Corporation.

Others contributing to Long since July 1, include the following:

High Majzoub, physician, Joplin, $1,000
Jim Penn, Penn Enterprises, Springfield, $1,000
Debbie Penn, Missouri State University, $1,000
John Gentry, president, Positron Industries, Springfield, $2,000
David Harper, retired, Springfield, $1,000
Betty Ethridge, Springfield, $1,000
Kelly Swanson, owner Marine Hotel, Kimberling City, $1,000
Ronald Neville, self-employed, Springfield, $2,000
Mike Jones, auctioneer, Dallas, Texas, $1,000
Exxon Mobil, $2,000
Lockheed-Martin $1,000
Credit Untion National Association PAC, $1,000

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Anonymous said...

Money, money, money. Geez how about those of us that can't afford to do this, guess our politicians don't work for "all the people". Money talks and us lowly little minions just have to remain, lowly little minions .