Friday, July 25, 2014

Koster touts Amendment One during tour

(From Missouri Farmers Care)

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster urged Show-Me State voters to cast their Aug. 5 ballots in favor of Amendment 1, the Missouri Farming Rights amendment, during a two-day farm tour held July 23-24.

Representatives from the Missouri Farmers Care coalition and Missouri's major agricultural organizations joined Koster on his farm stops in Springfield, Webb City, La Plata, Taylor and Cape Girardeau. At each visit, Koster discussed Amendment 1, the constitutional amendment that would protect farmers' ability to raise crops and livestock today and into the future.

"I understand why Missouri farmers desire the protection of our state's constitution," Koster said. "Passage of this amendment will continue to allow agriculture to be subject to reasonable regulation in our state. But future regulations must serve an important state interest and may not be arbitrary or prejudicial in nature. Agriculture is our state's foremost industry. As one of Missouri's leading exports, it is how we dialogue with the international business world. And our state must always remain competitive in that global discussion. For these reasons, I support Amendment 1."

Koster joins a strong, bipartisan list of political leaders endorsing the important ballot measure. The constitutional amendment is supported by the Missouri Farmers Care coalition, a partnership including more than 40 statewide agricultural organizations and thousands of farm families.

"Agriculture is the top economic driver in the state and it is vital we protect farmers from outside special interests trying to tell us how to raise our animals and crops," said Don Nikodim, Missouri Farmers Care chairman. "This amendment gives agriculture another line of defense in future arbitrary issues and we thank Attorney General Koster for his ongoing support."

Amendment 1 has also been approved by a number of prominent organizations including the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, Missouri Grocers Association and Columbia Chamber of Commerce. While not members of Missouri Farmers Care, these groups recognize the important role agriculture plays in our state. A full list of endorsing organizations and individuals is available online at

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Anonymous said...

I remember when Koster ( the imposter) was all about Prop B and visited shelters in our area! Fake politician !