Thursday, July 31, 2014

Video- Reaction to President Obama's KC speech


Anonymous said...

President Obama has done more for this country and the middle class and poor than the last 10 Presidents combined. The problem is, he has a do-nothing Congress run by the old white men that control the GOP - and they will not work with him or for him because of his skin color. Anyone that doesn't see that is not only blind, but stupid.

Drive around southern MO and take a look at all of the Republican yard signs during election time. Southern MO is poor, and there is a slight (but not much) of a middle class. Joplin, Springfield, and all points north, south, east, and west for a very wide swath are working poor, the exact class of people this President has been working for since Day 1.

Republican voters in southern MO will vote again and again against their own best interests, and with the Congressional inaction truth of the last 6 years staring them in the face, I have no doubt they will vote red again in the November mid-terms. Voting red will cut their nose off to spite their face, will completely undermine any influence they may have had in the mid-term election, and they will do it because they are as racist as the Republican party they support. Do not disagree with me - that is the truth and nothing but the truth. You know it on a deep level, too, which is why that disagreement rises so fast on your tongue.

Tell me, what has any of the Republicans you've elected done for you? Have you forgotten Cantor stood on a trailer and said publicly Joplin didn't deserve any aid for the tornado damage? Where do you think any aid for your city came from, who do you think gave you what you got? Obama, that's who.

How many of you out there are uninsured or under-insured, but cannot afford health care insurance? Know why you can't? Because the Republicans in not only Congress but your very own state don't think you deserve any. The Republicans don't care if you or your children die - if they cared, they would expand Medicaid in this state and the Republicans in Congress would support the ACA instead of voting over 50 times and spending hundreds of millions of dollars to dismantle it.

The House voted last night to sue this President. Before you smack your lips and gloat during the Fox Noise commercials, I'll let you in on a little secret. That lawsuit is going no where, and no where fast. It is a tool to rile the base and collect campaign money before the mid-terms - and another way to spend tens of millions of your tax dollars that should be fixing our roads and expanding social safety nets instead of disbanding them.

So, do yourself a favor. Vote BLUE in November, vote for a Democrat or an Independent in your local elections. Stop cutting off your nose to spite your face, and vote for what is good for you instead of continually voting against your own best interests by voting Republican.

Anonymous said...

Obama to campaign.
I am not racist, I truly don't care what color your skin or hair are, if you're fat or skinny, short or tall. I DO care that my country has been embarrassed by this man who lies and only works to serve his own ideals and agenda. He does NOT represent anything that I love and support in our country.
I want freedom from an oppressive, irresponsible and immoral government.
I want Uncle Sam not Sugar Daddy.
God grant us mercy and save us from this horrid regime.

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