Monday, July 28, 2014

Missouri ag teachers endorse Amendment One

(From Missouri Farmers Care)

Missouri Farmers Care welcomed the Missouri Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association (MVATA) to the pro-Amendment #1 coalition. MVATA formally voted to endorse Amendment #1 at their annual conference over the weekend.

"Our agriculture teachers are community leaders that train the next generation of farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness leaders and we are very pleased they have voted to support Amendment #1, the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment," Missouri Farmers Care Chairman Don Nikodim said. "No group is more in tune with the future of Missouri agriculture than our agriculture educators and they agree with us that Amendment #1 is critical to ensuring the future growth of agriculture in Missouri."

The MVATA resolution reads:

Whereas, we believe the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment (Amendment 1) is a state constitutional amendment to protect family farmers and ranchers.

Whereas, we believe agriculture is the lifeblood of rural Missouri's economy and a driving force of the state's economy.

Whereas, we believe Amendment 1 will help ensure transition to the next generation of farmers and ranchers and thus will help ensure the future of agricultural education.

Therefore be it resolved, that the Missouri Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association is in support of the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment.

"MVATA sees the need for Amendment #1 to safeguard the future of agriculture for our students," MVATA Policy Chairman Jon Wilson said. "As members of Missouri Farmers Care and members of the pro-Amendment #1 coalition, we encourage voters to approve Amendment #1 and we are proud to stand with mainstream agriculture in this effort to protect family farmers and ranchers in our state constitut

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Anonymous said...

Sad......they shouldn't be taking any stand, let the kids understand both sides of an issue, and teach them how to debate with the issue at hand.