Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hartzler: We have to sue Obama; he's breaking the law

(From Fourth District Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler)

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-4) and the House have approved a resolution authorizing the House of Representatives to launch legal action in opposition to President Obama’s attempts to bypass Congress and enact his own laws. Specifically, the resolution authorizes the filing of a lawsuit objecting to the President’s unilateral changes to the federal health care law.

“The President has overreached by unilaterally changing certain aspects of the health law, such as the employer mandate, without going through Congress,” said Hartzler. “The Constitution does not give the president the right to do that. It is the elected representatives of the people who make the laws.”

“The simple truth is that the Constitution requires the President to faithfully execute the laws legislated by Congress,” Hartzler continued. “President Obama has demonstrated time and time again that he believes he has the power to make his own laws, going so far as to say that if Congress won’t make the laws he wants, he’ll take action on his own. This is contrary to the Constitution.”

“The President and every member of Congress take an oath to uphold the Constitution,” Hartzler added. “The House is obligated to respond to this challenge to the Constitutional balance of powers. This is not about politics – it is about respecting the Constitution.” 

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Anonymous said...

Get over it!!! Obama care is law, you may not like it, it's the law. Why on earth would he try to pass anything through this congress, they are so wrapped up in themselves and their party, they have no clue as to what the american people want.