Thursday, July 31, 2014

C. J. Huff's new blog tells "truth' about six-and-a-half-mile ribbon

C. J. Huff has gone into the blogging business and being the helpful person I am, since this latest public relations effort is being funded, as have all the rest of them, by our taxpayer money, going to help spread the word.

In the first blog published earlier tonight, the Joplin R-8 superintendent gives the lowdown on the six-and-a-half-mile ribbon. He does seem to contradict what his board president said a few days ago, but here goes:

Real or Rumor?

I am starting a new weekly blog called Real of Rumor. Each week, I will address a question that I have been asked about or a rumor that I have heard regarding Joplin Schools. Several months ago, we created a web page with this title to solicit feedback from the community. In all honesty, we didn't promote it well and have received few questions through the email address we provided on that page. The email link is below, and I encourage you to submit your questions. I will address some of them in this blog post, and we will do our best to answer all questions on the Real or Rumor web page.

Email your questions to

Today's topic: The ribbon

We are in the process of planning several events surrounding the opening of the new high school and technical school. You can click here to view a calendar of events. One of the events we have planned is a ribbon-cutting ceremony at JHS/FTC during our October 3 grand-opening event. 

Here are the facts:
  • The event is scheduled for October 3 (we just finalized the date and a time has yet to be set - we are still in the early planning stage of this event).
  • The ribbon cutting was never planned for the first day of school.
  • We are hosting the official grand-opening event and ribbon cutting after the start of school to allow our students and staff an opportunity to settle in to their new building. We did this for Irving Elementary, Soaring Heights Elementary, and East Middle School as well. The first day of school for all schools in the district is August 25.
  • We are hoping to break a world record for the longest ribbon used in a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Students helped with the research on how to host such an event, and they will be recognized at the ceremony.
  • The ribbon will be six-and-a-half miles long and will be looped around the JHS/FTC campus.
  • The ribbon cost approximately $11,500, and the cost will be covered by sponsorships. We have secured some of these sponsorships already. The sponsors will also be recognized at the event. We seek out sponsors for many of our events to help keep costs down. 
  • Bright Futures Joplin is not paying for the ribbon and never was paying for the ribbon. The plan has always been to secure sponsors for the ribbon.
  • Bright Futures Councils from our schools will be invited to participate in the event.
  • The community will also be invited to participate in the event and will be able to keep a portion of the ribbon as a souvenir. We also plan to make pieces of the ribbon available for purchase to those who do not wish to participate but want a memento from the event. Details will be shared on our website as plans are finalized.
Why the ribbon? We want to celebrate! The opening of this school is a once-in-a-lifetime moment for our students, staff, parents, and community. It symbolizes the end of a long, difficult journey and the beginning of a new era for Joplin Schools. It is a big deal to many, many people who have made sacrifices for the last three years to get to this point - students, staff members, parents, and others. It took thousands of volunteers from across the world and the support of our entire community to make this school happen. We wanted to create an event that would allow our entire community to participate if they choose. 

You are invited to join us on October 3 to be a part of this moment in Joplin's history. We hope you'll come and celebrate recovery, resilience, and the future of Joplin Schools.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why is costs over $11,000 to have a 6.5 mile ribbon? Where are those donations going?

Anonymous said...

That seems expensive. Is it a gold ribbon??

Anonymous said...

Either C.J. just threw Annie Sharp under the bus or he confirmed he doesn't keep the school board informed.

I'm sure a lot of people will be sending emails to find our what is real or rumor. I'm equally sure that all questions will be honestly answered on the blog.

Or not.

Anonymous said...

This ignorant ribbon mess is an outstanding example of what is wrong with R8. First we get the bevy of lies that are now expected when anything is revealed--it was a kids' project, then Bright Futures, now it's up to donors. And, how many people or businesses are willing to throw their money away like this? Is this the best way to use our few remaining supporters?

Then, there is the fact that the public DOESN'T EVEN WANT THE STUPID THING AND HAS MADE THAT QUITE CLEAR! Rather than accept that he has, once again, overstepped, Huff contintues to push and foist this bit of ignorance on the community. Why not just admit it is one of many stupid ideas generated by the Huff regime and let it go? Let Huff pay for it. Don't try to convince us with your smarmy blog that we really SHOULD LIKE THIS IGNORANT IDEA. We don't, because we have better sense than that. But they won't listen because they are too self-enamored.

That the district must resort to a reality/rumor blog is quite indicative of the depths of its problems. The only problem is, the man writing the blog has been found to be the biggest liar of them all, so that makes the blog a moot point and another wasted effort. I always take it as a given that anything uttered by Huff and his remaining handful of supporters is a lie. It's just better to not expect the truth.

So, Huff, take this stupid piece of ribbon and stuff it. In your basement, in your truck, in any place that it will fit, but quit shoving it down the throat of the public. We don't want it. Understand? What we want is for you to be gone before that school opens. That's what we want.

Anonymous said...

Are they asking for donations from the same businesses that got bad checks or have unpaid bills from R8? I won't give them a dime.

Anonymous said...

He did throw Sharp under the bus. There is an interview in which she says this is a Bright Futures activity. Then sone of us pointed out the folly of that, and now it no longer is their activity.

Why didn't Sharp just say the ribbon was not the best idea in the world, the community has expressed dislike for it, and so therefore it won't be pursued? She could have done that, but nope. Keeps pushing and pushing. Or allows herself to be pushed. And why?

Anonymous said...

Here's a crazy thought. Why not ask what the students, parents, and staff what they want to do for the opening? I know. That's insane. What can they know or understand about such a grave undertaking? If not done correctly, this won't be a spectacular media event to make CJ look good, along with his Board. You just can't trust such a thing to well-meaning adults and students who remember full well why this moment happened to begin with.

Something far more understated and with a touch of sophistication reflecting an institution of learning (supposedly) would have been preferable. Not a three-ring circus with Huff as ringmaster. Again.

Anonymous said...


Huff openly lies to the board and deceives them. They like that. It keeps them from having to think very hard. Just keep repeating the CJ mantra. Breathe deeply, relax, exhale, end of board meeting. Works for him every time. They think they've done something and he gets what he wants. The public gets shafted. Over and over again.

Anonymous said...

I own a business that purchases custom ribbon for use in our store. We pay $14 per 100yard roll for ribbon. That equals $252 per "mile". 6.5 miles would cost you $1638. I know that customizing will cost you a print charge of no more than $250 so the whole thing should cost no more than $2000. What great bargain shoppers we have in the district. I'd gladly broker this deal!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know, out of the entire student body, how many students it took and how many hours of research by those students to find out what the current world record is for the length of a ceremonial ribbon?

Anonymous said...

Next week:

Want or need: Does it really matter if it is all for the children and the taxpayer pays anyway?

Taxpayer said...

If HUFF wants to make a smaller dent in the already terrible budget of the R8 he can shop and buy the ribbon at Hobby Lobby or Joannes and use a 40% coupon. Explanation to HUFF. A Coupon is a savings tool that regular people use to save money. I know you have never had to use one nor have all the fat cats at the bunker who make so much money for doing so little.

Anonymous said...

This $11,000 ribbon is just the latest example of grandstanding and self promotion by Huff and his lackeys. He wants fame and glory at any cost no matter how ridiculous and divided it makes this community look. He could have secured the monetary amount needed BEFOREHAND but instead they consistently choose to spend first, stumble around about how to pay for it later. Stop spending like drunken sailors just to make yourselves look good!!